Thursday, 19 July 2012

Rabbits R Us!........ Red Tailed Bumblebee is OTL!

Hi Woofers!

Daisy & Holly here!

Now, just to prove that we are 'Serious Rabbit Hunters', here is a picture of us cornering a rabbit this morning!

It was Holly that spotted it first and chased it into the long grass, then I arrived and chased it back again, then Holly did her 'Rabbit Eating Face' and showed the rabbit her teeth!

I thought that was a good idea, so I did my 'Rabbit Eating Face' and did my 'Super Growl'!

The rabbit went 'Squeeeeeeek' which is rabbit for 'Don't eat me please!'

It was at that moment Old Two Legs arrived and told us not to frighten the rabbit and pulled us back by our collars.

The rabbit, spotting a chance of escape, shot off into the brambles!

Then, a couple of moments later, from inside the brambles, we heard someone blow a 'Big Raspberry' and a rabbit called out........Missed Me, Nah, Nahneey, Nah-Nah!

Holly said that next time we are going to bite the rabbits tail and that will sort him out!

OTL then went off trying to catch a Dragon fly that was flying about the bushes, no chance!

He did get a picture of a load of bugs on one plant. We don't know why there was so many, I mean, it didn't smell that interesting when we had a sniff!

A Bug Bean Feast!
Back home for a brush and some breakfast, yes, it was Doggy Scoff, but a new sort. It seems that OTL is trying to find us some scoff that is acceptable for when The Missus doesn't cook chicken or lambs heart or liver or beef off cuts from OTL's Curry Stash!

They never learn, We don't like manufactured Doggy Scoff!

Lunch time we went down to the beach again and this time, while Holly was having a sniff at something on The Sea Wall, I was having a sunbathe! Well, you got to top up your tan when you can, I mean, what with all this rain we have been having lately you have to grab every chance!

Got any Factor 30+?
Holly said she doesn't do sun bathing as it will give you spots on your belly!

I don't want spots on my belly!
OTL was too busy trying to photograph a Red Tailed Bumblebee that had lost two of it's wings and had to crawl around from flower to flower!

It's hard with two wings missing!
OTL says that it might have got into a fight or was attacked by a Dragon Fly, whatever got it like that didn't get it all it's own way as that bee must have put up a good fight!

OK, off to mug OTL for some dinner and then some shortbread!

See you tomorrow!


Daisy & Holly