Monday, 20 April 2015

Monday and it's getting warmer!

Hi Woofers!

Daisy, Holly, Miss Snowflake and Mr Brambles again!
Did you notice it was warmer this morning? We did, that was all the time we were sheltered from the wind!
Our garden was well sheltered so there was only a slight breeze at tree top height, however, when we got down to the Beach, there was a stiff breeze blowing in off the sea!

Old Two Legs put his hat on and zipped up his jacket to keep the wind out while us woofers kept below the weed level and that kept us out of the wind!

Until we got to the beach that is!
Miss Snowflake got into a bit of a pickle and ended up sitting on something that made her butt all wet!
Here! I've just sat in something wet and squishy!
She found out that there was no protection from the wind there and if you are facing the wrong way, your fur gets all blown about and there's a nasty draft under your tail!
It wasn't long before she and Mr Brambles were heading towards the long grass! 

I spotted a rope and wood thing that OTL says it's to stop the ships from banging into the docks, yeah well, whatever!

Anyway, there it was, on our beach, in the middle of the beach and not moving at all!

Strange thing on the shore!

OTL says that it should float on the water. Holly reckons she could make a boat out of it.

I said it should be set loose and free to wander the oceans and frolic with the whales!

Go On! Shove Off!
I tried giving it a shove so that it would float away but it stayed stuck on the sand, just wobbling from side to side!

Even when a big wave came and sloshed all over it, it still refused to move!

It's still not moving!
I can see it will be up to OTL to roll it out a bit further tomorrow when the tides out!

We met up with Bryn and the Lads and I managed to snaffle another biscuit, and I also got Holly's one as well!

Yeah, Holly said I could fetch her one as well!
Bryn came down on the beach to have a look at the string/rope thingy and said that we would be lucky if we could get it to float! We will see tomorrow!

That will never float!
Lunchtime we were down the Sea Wall again and Holly played on the sand, digging holes and then told us she hadn't touched it at all, even though she had a face full of sand!

Me? A Hole? No! Not Me Honest!

As we got near to the car, we all stopped at the bench where Holly jumped up and spotted someone on the next bench, eating a sandwich!

'Now then!' says Holly, 'What will you bet me to get that sarnie off that Bozo Two Legs?'

Hey, Look! Sport!
I should have taken her up but I've seen her do some mugging before and she is very good at it!

When she got up to the Two Legs, there was no sarnie left!

I've told you before, No Sarnie, No Strokes!
Back home OTL was busy pounding away on the computer. He has had a run of orders that is keeping him just too busy! I mean, a walk is more important that a soppy old order!

See you tomorrow!


Daisy, Holly, Miss Snowflake and Mr Brambles.