Saturday, 18 January 2020

Bald as a Badgers Butt!

Hello Woofers!

Daisy, Holly, Miss Wendy and Eric de Ferret here!

Wot a Day! 

It starts off at four thirty this morning when Old Two Legs dreams he wants a wee, gets up and sleep walks into the clothes cupboard and wakes up not knowing how he got there and wearing a coat hanger like an ear ring!

He didn't have too much giggle juice yesterday, honest!

At the proper waking up time, six fifteen, he woke up and knew where he was, in bed, not the cupboard!

Overnight is was cloudless and there was a layer of frost/ice on the windscreen so there was a delay while he scrapped it all off and warmed up the motor.

The sun was getting up and the moon was still hanging around so OTL waved the camera at the moon, just for fun!

Moon over the car park!
Walking around the football field we headed off towards the sea front and spotted our favourite shot.

Pre Glow, Tree, Bench and Poo Bin!
I mean, It just don't get any better!

As we headed back to the car park the sun was still hiding beyond the horizon and the moon was still hanging about!

Hand held camera shot, not bad!
When we got home OTL got the hair cutting stuff out, you know, scissors, shaver, shampoo, water and the air blower to dry us off!

Holy wast the first and OTL spent a long time getting rid of the clumps of hair that Holly suffers from. They seem to grow on top of her paws and under her arm pits, of which she has four!

Well, OTL brushed and snipped and brushed and snipped and in the end managed to get rid of every one we could find. I'm sure there may be a few small knots but OTL will keep a watch out and who knows, he may have got rid of them all!

Well, after that the next is a wash and hair cut which Holly is never a great fan of getting done but in the end OTL felt she was bald enough to get down from the table and come and show me!

We woke Eric and Wendy 'cos we heard that Rosie was up the village hall so at lunchtime we headed off to say hello. OTL was presented with a couple of extra large iced fruit cake, the sort he loves, so we know what he will be eating this weekend!

We headed off for our lunchtime walk and both Wendy and Eric came along as well. As we crossed the football field we spotted a Grain Rock on one of the benches, so, not having the camera OTL used his phone to capture the rock!

Yep, that's a Robin on there!
 It was a bit windy down on the sea front and both Wendy and Eric decided they would stay in the ferret bag until we got to the forest and although Eric was OK with that, Miss Wendy decided that the bag was not only warmer but safer!

Back home it was my turn and since I had got rid of all the hair knots last time it wasn't too bad and a lot quicker than Holly!

OTL put Holly in the office and shut the door cos she just doesn't like me getting attention and she missing out!

Now that's OK but when the door is opened, POW!

She does get so excited!

We are going to offer to help OTL demolish that cake!

See you tomorrow!


Daisy, Holly, Miss Wendy and Eric de Ferret!