Thursday, 22 November 2012

A Day of Changes!

Hello Woofers!

Daisy & Holly here!

What a funny day today has been. We were up good and early this morning, problem was, Old Two Legs was still asleep and so was The Missus!

A big wet lick behind the ear didn't seem to do anything, so we went back to sleep again until it got just too noisy from the electronic carpet sweeper and the dish washer going full blast for us to sleep!

That was just too much!

Our walk this morning was early, so none of the usual lads were out yet, even the rabbits were still asleep!

Sheerness Still Asleep!
This was just not good enough!

Holly decided that she would woof at the sea birds 'cos the tide was on its way out and they were all gathering for their breakfast, worms and shrimps and mollusc's!

Yoo Hoo! Mollusc's, where are you?
The Little Egrets were dancing around doing their 'Wavy Foot Dance to make the shrimps think it is raining or summat!

No, that's an old sniff as well!
Back home for some super breakfast of Chicken and Biscuits and a snooze in the day bed!

Around lunch time OTL started to gather some stuff together and put his coat and shoes on, but not his 'Normal' doggy walking stuff. This was sort of 'Respectful' type of stuff, like he puts on when going somewhere other than The Forest or The New Park!

So, we thought, what's up here! Is he going to take us out or is he planning to sneak off and leave us at home?

It was the latter, he was sneaking off to get his windscreen replaced because of the big crack that has appeared!

Off he went, leaving us with TM. It was TM who took us out for our lunch time walk but this time Holly spotted a rabbit, so we both had a good chase while TM was jumping up and down calling us back, as if we were listening, there was a rabbit to hunt!

Later on in the afternoon, OTL came back carrying a big china water bowl. You see, we have this Stainless Steel bowl that gets filled with water but it has a sort of 'Twang' to it, so we have to go and drink from the pond, which is full of leaves and OTL always tells us off when we go for a Pond Slurp!

So, he has been promising to get a china bowl for us for a few weeks now, but he keeps forgetting!

Not today, in he comes with this bowl and on the bottom there is a label that says '10" DOG'

Well says Holly, we're bigger than 10" does this mean we have to have two bowls? I thought that was not on 'cos this bowl was so big I reckon we could both have a swim in it at the same time!

No, says OTL, '10" means the diameter of the bowl' and proceeds to fill it with water for us, all lovely and fresh and cool and loads of it!

Well that should keep us going for a while!

We think OTL has meat pie tonight, so, with a bit of luck, we will be mugging him later!

See you tomorrow!


Daisy & Holly (Bowled Over!)