Wednesday, 8 May 2013

We get wet!

Hi Woofers!

Daisy, Holly & Snowflake here!

Just wot happened to the sun?

We were up good and early this morning and all I saw outside the window was rain!

I went into see Snowflake and told her about the wet stuff and she said that we are 'on our own' and she went back to bed!

Out of my way, I'm off back to bed!
Well, Holly and I had our rain coats on and even Old Two Legs had his waterproofs on as well! Off we went to The Sea Wall, when we got there it was hardly raining! We kept our rain coats on and proceeded to Hunt Some Rabbit!

Here Wabbit, here!
Mind you, when we were dragged away from the rabbits and along the Sea Wall, we decided that we really don't like the rain, even though we had rain coats!

I'm getting wetter!
 I stopped for a wee and Holly stood on the path and told me to 'Hurry Up' 'cos she was getting too damp!

Come on Girl, get yourself sorted out!
We met up with Max and Oscar who went potty over OTL, as normal, so predictable!

Oscar wanted to know where Snowflake was 'cos he wanted to give her a woof!

OTL spotted the first dandelion flowers, so, there he was, on his knees, taking pictures! It was a good job he had his waterproofs on or he would have got soaked!

First Dandelion!
I must admit, we got bored with all that flower stuff and went back to chasing Rabbits!

Back home we told Snowflake all about the rabbits and OTL's flower and Max and Oscar.

Snowflake said that, providing the sun comes out, she will come with us at lunchtime!

Come on then, let me out!
Well, the sun came out and we all had a super walk down on The Sea Wall and Snowflake even got stroked by the fishermen we often see down on the Sea Wall. One said his Dad used to keep ferrets and we thought it funny 'cos he must be at least seventy years old, the fisherman not his dad!

Back home we spent the afternoon snoozing while OTL got out loads of paper and stuff ready to take around to the accountant.

So, not the most exciting day but at least Snowflake got her run and we got to chase a rabbit or two!

See you tomorrow!


Daisy, Holly & Snowflake