Friday, 14 October 2011

Friday with a suprise!

Hello Woofers,

Daisy & Holly here again!

We went out with Old Two Legs this morning for our walk and he took us to the Sea Wall. So, we pulled into the car park, all ready for some rabbit chasing, as soon as the door was opened we just flew down the path.

Half way down we both stopped, there was this fantastic sniff coming from a patch of grass and we just had to stop for a serious sniff!

By then OTL had caught up and reminded us that we were chasing the rabbits!

Off we went again and did our normal trick of sneaking up to the brambles and then running flat out around the corner to surprise them.

Only this time it was us who got surprised, there, right where the rabbits normally feed, in the middle of their feeding patch, there was a Bell Tent, with a fire outside the front door flap.

I stopped dead in my tracks, Holly, who hadn't seen the tent, ran into the back of me, cold wet nose and all, lifted my back legs off the ground and shoved me forwards!

When she had stopped as well, we both had a good look at this thing, didn't see anyone, so we woofed at it, turned around and ran back to OTL. Well, you just don't know what was living in that tent, it could have been a visiting Giant Rabbit who didn't like little puppies like us!

Better be safe than sorry and let OTL deal with it if it came out!

Back home it was a super brush to get all the burrs out then chicken and biscuits followed by a snooze!

A bit later OTL took us down to The Forest, which was great, 'cos we haven't been there for some time, so there were loads of new sniffs for sniffin!

With all the leaves on the ground it was great fun sorting out the sniffs!

Sniffin the Sniffs!
OTL had brought his camera gear with him to try photographing the fungi but because it has been so dry this week, there was almost no fungi to be seen. Those we did see were all old stuff and dry and we reckon they were last years anyway!

It didn't stop us hunting around for something to photograph, well, we do like to help OTL with his hobby!

Nuffin Here!
Holly and me went everywhere looking for fungi, we went over the dead trees and under the trees, but it was no good, OTL had to go without his Fungi Photo!

Nuffin here either!
Poor OTL, after lugging his gear around the forest all he could take pictures off were our backsides!

Mind you I did tell Holly that he had to use a wide angle lens for her picture!

That was just before we got in trouble for fighting!

F1 qualifying tomorrow, so we are up good and early for that, off to bed now!

Bye bye to you all and also Max and Dougal!


Daisy & Holly