Saturday, 11 April 2015

Playing with a Fish Eye!

Hi Woofers!

Daisy, Holly, Miss Snowflake and Mr Brambles here!

It has been a busy day today. First of all we were woken up by The Missus getting up and crashing about at four thirty!

She is getting better, we can gauge the improvement by the time she gets up!

Old Two Legs was instructed to assist her in getting the Hall ready for her Master Class, so that means we had to get up early and up the hall by seven thirty!

OTL was eating his breakfast and was chatting to Snowflake about using a Fisheye lens for a day.

Just as an experiment!

Miss Snowflake asked that she see what it could do first of all before giving the experiment her blessing, so, OTL gets it out and clicks one off, only to decide that using an 'On Camera Flash' was not the best idea!

Mind you, Snowflake saw the joke 'cos she was blowing a raspberry at OTL at the moment he pressed the shutter release!

It's the Lens Hood throwing shadows!
 Off we went and after helping TM get set up we were off to The Beach for some fun and games.

A very wide photo!
 It was a bit windy but not cold, so we all had a chase about enjoying new sniffs!

Down on the beach OTL sat down to watch the ferrets charge around and I started to dig a hole.

Mr Brambles was sitting on OTL's lap  watching the fun and games Holly and I were having.

Then he spotted Snowflake who was charging up the beach to my hole!

Oh No! What is she doing now?
 You know, that sneaky ferret, she crept up behind me and shoved her wet cold nose up my tail!

Well, what's a woofer to do when that happens?

I jumped out of the hole and then, as quick as lightening, that sneaky ferret was in and having a dig!

Move over Woofer!
That was it, my hole was stolen from me! All I could do was to move to the side and dig another!

That'll teach her!

As we were heading for the sea wall, a couple of Old Ladies stopped to say hello to OTL and they had a young poodle with them as well.

First they said hello to OTL and both had a look at OTL's lens. They were tickled to be able to see themselves as OTL took their picture!

Yes! I can see you as well!
Their mate the Poodle was beside himself with excitement and he couldn't leave the lens along!

He just kept looking at it and saying 'I can see Me! ....I can see Me!.....I can see Me!'

I can see Me!
We got back home and Miss Snowflake had a snooze before being taken down to see the vet. This was just a checkup to make sure the medicine had worked, which it had and you know, she didn't even bite him!

Lunchtime we were down the beach again and this time OTL was playing with the wide lens again and I must admit, it sure does show a wide expanse of beach!

Wide or Wot!
Now this one is good 'cos not only is it W-I-D-E but you can see the fourteen star spikes which is caused by the lens!

Wide and sparkly!
One of the other things this lens can do is allow you to get very close to the subject and once the distortion is taken out, the finished picture looks brilliant!

I can see OTL playing with that again when the flowers bloom!

Hawthorn flower.
 We are now off to wait for TM to return, we always sit up in the bedroom window waiting for her!

See you tomorrow!


Daisy, Holly, Miss Snowflake and Mr Brambles.