Monday, 10 January 2011

Sunday Sun Day

Hello Peoples!

Here we are again and have we had fun today.

The Missus took us out for the early morning walk, a quick run around the fields 'cos it was just too frosty to hang about!

We got back and Old Two Legs decided that we should both have our worming tablet. First he tried the, have a chew girls, No Thanks. Then, crush and wrap it in a bit of chicken, No Way. Then it was the jam trick, On Your Bike!

Then TM stepped in and tried some ice cream, Yeees Pleeese!

Now while we are on about ice cream.

What goes with ice cream?

Beaches, sea side, running, getting sand everywhere, digging holes.

So, we went up to OTL and persuaded him to take us out to the beach, Leysdown in fact. When we got there the tide was out, so, we got wet.


Getting Wet

Then there's the beach.

Beach Babe

Making Friends.

Making Friends

Running Around.

Running Around the Beach

Holly tried burying this!

Who left this here?

And of course, we just have to show you Old Two Legs!

Old Two Legs

Then we went home for a snack and a sleep!

This is what Sunday is all about!

Bye for now, see you tomorrow.

Daisy & Holly

P.S. OTL says that the 'funny' photos are done using a 'Fish Eye Lens', he'll try anything to show off!