Sunday, 22 September 2013

Getting Ready for Our Holiday!

Hi Woofers!

Daisy and Holly here.

No, don't panic, Miss Snowflake and Mr Brambles have booked into their Hotel and expect to be pampered for the next two weeks!

We took them up there this morning.

Old Two Legs had to get up an hour earlier than normal 'cos we had to get our morning walk in before taking The Missus and Auntie Shela and Diane to town so they can get the train to Ally Pally for their Glue & Glitter Day!

TM decided that she had to leave the house by eight, so that means, poor us, had to get up at five, just  to get everything done in time!

Well, OTL was up at five, a thirty minute thrash on the paddling machine then into the shower before getting dressed and gathering us all for the Morning Walk.

It was just after the sun rise, so we didn't have to walk in the dark, mind you, Mr Brambles was well up for a dig on the beach but Miss Snowflake would have rather gone back to bed!

After dropping TM & Co off, OTL was back to dismantle the ferrets cage, Snowy Heights, and get it packed for transporting to The Hotel.

OTL says that it will be better for the ferrets to have their own, big, cage rather than the small things that were in the hotel. Well, the ferrets get used to a certain standard of living and it wouldn't be fair to down grade them, especially as they are on holiday!

Back home it was a bit sad to see the other half of the ferret cage all empty, still we are sure they will have a good time!

Holly has been searching for her swimming costume 'cos she reckons she will do some sun bathing in the forest clearings! I reckon it is not going to be too warm, so I'm taking my rain coat, just in case!

We got some chicken this morning which is just as well 'cos we were going to report TM to the RSPD&H!

Lunch time we were down the Sea Wall again and the tide was right up the beach, I wanted to go for a swim but OTL said I had to stay out of the water as we were going away tomorrow and I might just make the car all messy, well, messier than it already is!

How about a little paddle then?
 A bit further along the Sea Wall, the tide was right up as far as it will go, we could tell that 'cos right at the very top of the tide, there are some very big waves that crash against the Sea Wall.

It looks so calm then these wave land on the beach or Sea Wall making such a noise!

High Tide Again Sis!

It made so much noise that I get a bit worried and decide that maybe a swim would not be a good idea!

I've changed my mind OTL, the waves are too big!
OTL got the telephone call to pick TM & Co up and as soon as she came through the door we gave her a big Welcome Home Lick!

So, early to bed tonight as we are up early again for our holiday!

We are looking forward to seeing the squirrels in the forest again 'cos we haven't seen any for ages, so, stay clear 'cos we will be Squirrel Hunting for the next two weeks!

Bye Bye for now!


Daisy & Holly

PS. Snowflake and Mr Brambles say Hello as well!