Monday, 19 March 2012

Lazy Day Today

Hi Ho Woofers!

Daisy & Holly back with you!

Today has been one of those, slow but fun days!

We went out for our normal walk this morning, didn't see any dogs at all, maybe they were still in bed!

We saw a couple of Black Headed Gulls on the breakwater, but they didn't hand around for too long.

Yahoo Gulls!

We kept an eye open for the Collared Dove but we think he went into town today to see some of his mates.

There was an Oyster catcher on the mud but he didn't say hello when we woofed to him as we went past.

Holly reckons he is a bit deaf!

With the tide being out the sea weed looked a deep shade of green,so Old Two Legs just had to take a picture!

Sea Weed Green!
Around the corner we met another Gull looking for his next meal, Holly joked that the Wormy Men had been and dug up all the worms!

That made the Gull angry, going on about having to bring up a family on minimum worm count!

All the best worms are gone!

Back home we have been sitting with OTL watching him cut up a load of cardboard that he will be sticking his photos on.

Sitting there with his 'measuring stick' drawing where he wants the hole to be, dead tricky stuff you know!

The Missus had gone over to The Boys today to do some baby sitting and won't be back until the morning!

That means we can get up on the bed with OTL and not get kicked off!

This evening we plan to watch a couple of DVD's, get the shortbread and the whisky out and maybe have a sing song as well!

Holly says she is looking forward to hearing OTL sing 'The Calico Printers Daughter' but she hopes OTL is going to sing the rude version, 'cos it's very funny!

See you tomorrow!


Daisy & Holly