Saturday, 5 September 2015

Saturday with OTL.

Hi Woofers!

Daisy, Holly, Miss Snowflake, Mr Brambles, Miss April and Miss May back with you again!

It was a very early start today, The Missus has one of her 'Master Classes' up at the village hall and wanted to get up there at seven to get set up!

Poor Old Two Legs, he hates early mornings nearly as much as he hates getting up in the early hours to let Holly or me out for a wee!

Still, it did give him a chance to get some pictures of the sunrise, which, wasn't too bad! 

Autumn Morning

Sailing by.
 The tide was in and it had covered the rocks, so Miss Snowflake couldn't find a rock to hide behind.

She made us all turn away while she had a wee and then had a wave creep up and wet her butt!

No Peeking!
 Holly did pass a comment that it all looked just too dangerous for her to do and she would stick to the long grass!

Rather you than me!
 We got back good and early and of course headed for a soft comfortable place for an early morning snooze.

The ferrets got turns in rampaging around the house while OTL cleaned up the Poo Pots. Snowflake and Brambles were the first out and had fun chasing each other all over the place. Then, when their cage was ready, back they went and headed straight for their snoozing bed where they cuddled up and drifted off.

Next it was the turn of the Page Three Girls, they had a good game of chase and then tried to get OTL to play chase, which he did 'cos he loves playing that game with them and they are such fast movers!

While OTL was clearing out the cage bottom he heard a terrible screaming from Brambles and Snowflakes cage, it would appear that Miss May had climbed up the side of the cage and had fallen through the temporary roof  which was made of a car blanket. (We are still waiting for a new cage from Italy!)

That was it, Snowflake doesn't like ferrets dropping through the roof unannounced and set to show her annoyance at being disturbed!

She was beating seven sorts of Ferret Poo out of Miss May!

OTL to the rescue! Both ferrets were in need of cuddles and after ten minutes everyone calmed down and returned to their own cages!

OTL says we should get the new cage before we go away on holiday! Just don't ask which holiday!

Lunchtime I fancied going out early, so, I did my 'Talk'. That is where I sit in front of OTL and talk to him in 'Woofer' and although he is a Two Legs, he does sort of get what I mean, in the end!

So, picking up the Page Three Girls, we headed off to the beach.

Being a weekend, there were strangers walking along the sea wall and Holly and I kept a close watch on the woofers we didn't know!

There was one gang that I didn't like the look of, so I kept everyone Moving!

I don't like the look of that lot!
 The ferrets were having a great time digging in the sand and nibbling some of the sea weed. Holly and I stood guard and had some fun telling them how to dig the holes!

You know, for a Ferret, they do shift some sand!
Back home in the rain, so no hanging about!

At four we have to send OTL off to get TM, so we sit at the window waiting for her to turn up!

Then we go a little potty!

Now we want to say a big 'HELLO' to Tony who we have been told  read our little blog on his Kindle. Now, we have never got used to using that thing, OTL has got one but it just doesn't work with our claws and our paws are just too big to type anything never mind sending an email!

I prefer the laptop 'cos I can type using four claws!

Clever or wot!

See you tomorrow!


Daisy, Holly, Miss Snowflake, Mr Brambles, Miss April and Miss May