Saturday, 23 June 2012

Down to The Marsh!

Hi Woofers!

Daisy & Holly back again and yes, he is still sneezing his head off!

We have been very good puppy's, last night we were doing our 'Puppy Patrol' around the house, marching in line up and down the stairs and around every room. We do this every couple of hours, just to make sure the house is safe from burglars and gangs of squirrels!

Well, last night we heard something crashing about around the rubbish bins, that was it, off we went in full 'Puppy Protection Squad' mode and woofed the intruders away!

That was about three thirty, a time when Old Two Legs is asleep, seriously asleep and The Missus gets cross very quickly, as she did last night. We could tell that 'cos she was barking at the things outside and got very protective about us and made us get away from the window, just in case we were attacked!

Well, we think that's what she was doing!

OTL didn't say a thing!

We were up early this morning 'cos OTL had promised to take us to The Marshes!

After our walk along The Sea Wall we headed off to Canterbury and the Stodmarsh!

Well when we got there we were expecting a super run along the paths and look at the bird hides where we normally see ducks and stuff, but when we arrived, there was a sign on the gate saying that all dogs must be on leads! Wot? Shock! Horror!

We were not Happy Puppy's, OTL put us on the lead and we walked along the path to the first hide. We had a look around but didn't see one bird!

When we got to the second hide, it was empty and so was the area in front, like, no birds!

OTL said 'Stuff it' then said 'Stuff the notices' then he let us off the lead!

This is Better!

It was great running along the path and we had a paddle in the water.

Oooo! That's Better!
Then we had a sit down on the benches by the side of the path and OTL took pictures of the Reed Warbler that was flitting about.

Not the best I've looked!
On another bench we spotted some Bumble Bees collecting nectar from the flowers, so OTL had to take some more pictures!

Just Bumbling Along!
Then there was a Damsel Fly that we surprised and she asked if we liked her new wings!

Who are you?

Does my thorax look big like this?

Holly and I had a great game of 'Boo', one of us would run ahead and hide, then as the other came along we would jump out and shout 'BOO!'

Me playing Boo!
Even OTL joined in, but we could always see where he was hiding!

Well, in the end we had run ourselves into the ground, we were tired and thirsty and hungry, so, back to the car for some late lunch and a good drink!

Finally, on the way back, we spotted some ducks but they didn't hang about for a chat!

Duck, not chicken!
Back home we told The Missus about our day out, then fell asleep for most of the evening, waking just in time for a wee before going to bed!

Now, that's our sort of day!

See you tomorrow and we should be finishing off the pond!


Daisy & Holly