Friday, 6 January 2012

Working hard watching OTL working hard!

Yo Ho Woofers!

Daisy & Holly back again.

Today has been all sort of mixed up and frantic! It started this morning, about three thirty, Holly or maybe it was me, heard something making a noise, not sure what it was but it was outside. So, being good Guard Dogs, we let the maker of the noise know we were here and they or what it was, should clear off, fast!

Being a guard dog is full of danger you know, as soon as we start woofing, The Missus starts woofing, at us, then Old Two Legs wakes up and woofs at everyone!

Then TM can't get back to sleep and starts to toss and turn in the bed, waking OTL up again, he growls at every one and TM gets up and goes down stairs to make a card or two until it's time to wake OTL up. Trouble is, OTL is woken up by the lights going on and TM moving all the card making stuff around. You know, table and chair, then the fresh coffee and the biscuit tin, then the computer starts up with that Bing Bong sound. All in all, no one gets any more sleep, except us, who can sleep even when TM is making cards!

So, with OTL up early, we get an early walk!

This time we didn't get wet 'cos the rain had gone and the sun had come out and it was great running along the beach and the grass path.

We came across a big scary monster sitting on top of bush thing. We gave it a good woofing especially when it made a noise and shook it's self when the wind blew. OTL was laughing and called us a pair of 'Potty Puppy's'

The Bag Monster!
Well, it could have been dangerous and Holly agrees with me!

OTL played for a while trying to catch a wave breaking on the sea wall, he said he was practising for when we get a real big storm and the waves are huge. Well if the waves get huge, he do the morning walk on his own, Holly and I will just make do with the garden and go back to bed!

A Monster Wave in the Making!
We got back home and after breakfast, we were enjoying a well earned snooze, when we heard the front door bell ring, it was Auntie Sheila come to slap the old glue pot around and throw the glitter  about!

She got a big 'Hello' from both of us and a lick on the nose as well!

OTL got his new printer delivered today, so he has been bashing and crashing around in the office trying to make room for it. We have been watching him drilling and wiring and sticking new brackets on the wall and getting in a right state! So after lunch we decided it was time for him to have a break and take us to the New Park again!

It was fun as normal, loads of sniffs, a few new tails to sniff and Holly met a new friend that she thought looked wonderful, she said he was sophisticated and looked very fit. I thought he was a show off and soon ran circles around him when he tried to chase us!

Hello Handsome!
We came across a young Jack Russell type who was hiding in the ditch 'cos he was not too sure how friendly we were! Holly soon put him straight and pretty soon he was running about having a great  game of 'Chase' with us, that was until his owner called him away!

Hello Micky
Towards the end of the walk we bumped into another pair of Jack Russell types and we had a game of 'Chase' with them as well. Well, there was no way they could keep up with me, my 'Fast Turn' trick had them totally lost and falling over their own tails!

Can't catch me!
If OTL has finished his office, we hope to go out tomorrow on an adventure, providing it's not raining of course.

We are off now to mug OTL for a bit of Nan bread and a wipe of his curry sauce, then it's chicken and biscuits for dinner!

See you tomorrow!


Daisy & Holly