Tuesday, 21 October 2014

The Storm is Coming!

Hello Woofers!

We're back again, Daisy, Holly, Miss Snowflake an Mr Brambles!

Here in Sunny North Kent the clouds are gathering and the wind is getting up!

That storm they had over in the U.S.A. is heading our way and already the signs are that we are in for some wet weather!

All today Old Two Legs has been getting messages from Calmac, the Scottish Ferry people telling him that the Lochaline to Fishnish ferry has been stopped from sailing due to the high winds!

The Lochaline to Fishnish ferry is the one we use to get over to the Isle of Mull but today we don't plan to go to the Isle of Mull, so we're OK!

Mind you, when we got to the beach it was all dark clouds and some drops of rain!

Stormy Old Weather!
We were not sure but both Mr Brambles and Miss Snowflake were trying to get back into the ferret bag as soon as OTL got them out on the beach!

Mr B, after a little while, decided that he would brave the rain but Miss Snowflake just wanted to cuddle up to OTL and stayed snuggled up in his arm, that was until she wanted a wee, then she scrabbled to get down, got put down, had a wee, then scrabbled up OTL's leg as far as she could go asking to be picked up again!

OTL relented, not being sure if she was scared or unwell or knew something we didn't! So, for most of the walk she was getting a cuddle, that was until the last bit when she asked to get down, had a wash in the wet grass, sniffed a few sniffs and chased Mr B to give his ear a lick!

Just to be on the safe side, OTL checked the ferret poo carefully when he was cleaning out their poo trays 'cos you can tell a lot by the state of their poo. When Mr B got a dose of ECE, his poo was almost bright neon green and sniffed terrible!

Talking of ECE, it's stopped a lot of Ferret Shows in the UK and can be easily passed from one ferret to the next be contact or in the air or even by the handler at the show. That's how we think Mr B picked up his virus and he had to have a course of injections which cost OTL his 'Beer Money' for the week!

So, poo tray inspected and found to be 'Normal', so we reckon Miss S was just pulling a flanker and decided that a cuddle was better than a walk in the wet grass!

Back home it was 'Snoozy Time' especially as all we had to eat was 'Doggy Scoff', I mean, it's just not right feeding us that stuff, it's YUK!

Lunchtime it was still 'on and off' rain and when we went to the sea wall we saw a rain cloud pass over the Thames Estuary.

Looks wet over there!
There was one Bozo of a Two Legs who was looking at the mud while balancing on a rock. Holly and I were woofing him to 'Jump'!

But he didn't!

Go On Bozo, JUMP!
OTL told us to 'Behave' and had a walk on the sand and the beach. He tried to tell us that a big storm was coming and we had better get under the sea wall, so we did, but soon saw that we were being fooled 'cos the sky wasn't cloudy where we were!

Is it raining yet!
We have been looking at the records OTL keeps on his computer and we have found out that Holly an me are four years, three hundred and sixty four days old!

We know that 'cos tomorrow is our birthday and we will be five years old!

OTL said he would take us up to the Doggy Shop and we can choose our birthday present!

Roll on Tomorrow!

Bye bye for now,


Daisy, Holly, Miss Snowflake and Mr Brambles.