Sunday, 28 May 2017

Today I got wet ( on purpose!)

Hi Woofers!

Here we are again, Daisy, Holly, Miss May, Miss Wendy, Freddy and Eric de Ferret.

It looked like it was going to be another hot day so we took Eric and May down the beach first thing this morning after dropping The Missus off at the Village Hall for day number two of glue slapping and throwing the glitter pots around!

The ferrets were having fun throwing the sand around but it took a little while to get going 'cos some Two Legs had got off their bikes to watch them from the Sea Wall!

Ooo! Look, Rats!
The problem with Two Legs is they just open their mouths before consulting their brains!

Yeah! Long Wheel Base Rats to you!

 Miss May decided that she would try digging a trench along the beach but everywhere she started to dig, she would end up bumping into young Eric!

Look! Instead of a trench, let's try a big hole!
 Holly and I were watching the TL's and speculating on how they could sit on such a small seat on the bike and not fall off!

When we turned around there was a whopping great hole behind us!

I reckoned the ferrets were trying to get us to fall in but Holly says that it looks like a hole a Mini TL would dig!

No, I can't sniff ferret around it!
 Back home the ferrets all had a rampage around the house and everyone, with the exception of Eric, all found places to fall asleep!

May and Wendy headed for the inside of the lounge chair and Freddy fell asleep on my bed underneath Old Two Legs desk!

Lunchtime it was just Holly and I down the beach, it being too hot to take the ferrets out. OTL took my harness off me 'cos he knew what I was going to do!

Yep! Splash!

It was so cool in that water, I even did a 'Ferret', that is blowing bubbles through your nose while it is under the water!

Bubbly, Wubbly, Bubbly!
 OTL decided that we should head for home but I met up with Bonny, the Staffy, who was chasing a rubber ball. I tried to beat her to the ball but she is just a little too quick for me and I might just get trodden on at the speed she goes!

She is in there somewhere!
 Actually, she is a big show off, charging in and out of the water like that. No finesse like wot I have, I gentle push off from the beach and sneak up on the ball or lump of wood.

She, on the other paw goes tearing in looking like she can run on water!  

Show Off!
 Back home it was a bowel of 'Posh Scoff' and because we were hungry, Holly and I managed to finish it all!

Then we left OTL with the instruction manual and a Star Guide and headed off to have a snooze before TM got back.

Now she is back we are heading down to watch the recording of the F1 racing!

See you tomorrow!


Daisy, Holly, Miss May, Miss Wendy, Freddy and Eric de Ferret.