Sunday, 30 June 2013

Serious Training For Snowflake.

Hi Woofers!

What a super Hot Day for us, Daisy, Holly & Snowflake!

We were out a bit late this morning 'cos we had a late night last night, but that didn't stop young Snowflake from getting in her morning race along the beach, Holly and I were banned from rabbit hunting while Snowflake had her morning workout!

We were running ahead of her, keeping everyone out of her way and I even woofed at a couple of Magpie's who were trying to spoil Snowflakes concentration!

Of course, when we got back home it was a quick rub down and some Ferretone to ease her legs, then off for a snooze to recover!

The morning was spent watching the F1 racing from Silverstone and half way through the race Holly and I decided we needed a walk!

So, Old Two Legs asked for the rest of the race to be recorded and off we set!

It was hot! Very Hot! Being Sunday we got the normal bunch of Bozo's turn up on the beach. There was one couple that brought their own seats, no problem with that, but why sit behind the bench?

Hiding behind the bench!

We carried on and blow me down, there was another couple waiting for the tide to come in!

Is the Tide in yet?
Of course, there is always the Bozo's who don't check what time the tide is in and end up not doing any fishing at all!

Well the water was here last time!
We stopped to have a look at the whole beach but there were loads of Bozo's all over the place!

Holly and I decided it would be best to leave them alone!

Look! There's Loads of them!
As we headed back towards the car, Holly spotted this rose growing by the path. OTL said it was called a 'Dog Rose', Holly said it was a bit silly calling it a Dog 'cos it couldn't chase Rabbits, wee up lamp posts or chew bones!

OTL said she was being silly!

So, back home to see the rest of the racing and then a cool drink of pond water!

See you tomorrow!


Daisy, Holly and (Call Me Slick) Snowflake!