Saturday, 17 December 2011

Dragons and Squirrels

Hello Woofers!

Daisy & Holly here with you again.

We have been with Old Two Legs all today. First thing this morning it was a run on the beach 'cos the tide was right out. It was frosty here and more than a bit cold!

In fact it was so cold that when Holly and I breathed out, we had smoke coming out of our mouths!

OTL said we looked like Dragons!

Well, that was it, we rushed around pretending we were fierce dragons chasing rabbits!

There was one moment when a young Labrador came bounding down the hill towards us and I stood up on my back legs and roared at him like a dragon would. Trouble was, he didn't know what a dragon was and he just thought I had a bad cough!

Two Little Dragons
It's a good job we were not breathing real fire or he would have had his tail set on fire!

OTL was busy working this morning and The Missus had gone out to her 'Crop Thingy'  so we had plenty of time for a super snooze!

Later, we went out to deliver and post stuff but OTL said we were going to have some fun 'cos he fancied a walk in the Forest! Great! We haven't been there for ages so we were getting all excited about that!

As soon as we were of the lead I was after the foxes and badgers and squirrels. Holly went charging into the undergrowth looking for rabbits and OTL found some Fungi!

A fine bunch of Fungi!
OTL thinks that this Fungi looks 'Pretty', nice bright colours! We told him that it smelt funny!

While OTL and Holly were messing about, I spotted a squirrel! I just stood still and watched where it was going, jumping from bough to bough and tree to tree. Trouble was, it didn't come down to earth, but I still watched him and I stood very still!

Squirrel Spotting!
Do you think he would come down? No he wouldn't, he just sat up in the tree and called me names!

Sneaky Squirrel!
Well if he won't come down, then Holly and OTL and me won't play with him!

When we got home, Holly and me had a snooze while we waited for TM to come from her 'Croppy Thingy Wottsit'!

We gave TM a big 'Welcome Home ' lick and cuddle and even managed to knock her glasses off!

A snoozy evening ahead with TM and OTL and we expect an early night 'cos we saw that the Great White Egret has been seen down at Oare Marshes, so, we may get an adventure yet!

Bye bye for now!


Daisy & Holly

P.S. OTL sez that he is sorry if the colours are a bit out but he is working on the laptop but it is connected up to an old screen where the colours are all out of tune with the computer!

Excuses excuses!