Saturday, 15 October 2011

Another wekend of fun!

Hello Woofers!

Daisy & Holly & the weekend's here again.!

We were out first thing down the Sea Wall to see the rabbits. The tent had gone so we did our creep around the brambles and a last dash to the rabbit holes!


We absolutely flew down the side of the brambles, Holly was close on my heels and woofing like the Hound from Hell!

They've gone again!

Trouble was, the rabbits had gone to stay with their old Uncle Barney who lives down the coast a bit. It seems that they didn't get any sleep worrying about the Blue Tent and they all got ratty with each other and decided to go see Uncle Barney, just for a rest!

Let's build a sandcastle
We wandered along the beach and Holly suggested we build a sandcastle but forgot we didn't have any spades to dig the sand with, the rabbits had locked up their shovels in the shed so we couldn't get to them either!

Another Mushroom!
OTL showed us a fungi he had not down loaded from his camera, Holly said they looked a funny colour and what were they called, OTL says he didn't know! I mean, what is the good of photographing something you don't know the name off!

Tonight The Missus has gone off baby sitting again so Holly, OTL and me have been sitting on the sofa, drinking and eating shortbread and chewing chews and watching TV. Holly started singing the 'Woofing Song' to try and compete with the neighbours who are having a party!

OTL has told a few jokes about when he was working in a factory and found a Gremlin in the machinery!

It is now well past ten thirty, so we are all going to bed now 'cos we are all yawning our heads off!

Depending on what time we wake up in the morning, we may watch the F1 racing, or see the recording!

Bye bye for now!


Daisy & Holly