Wednesday, 11 November 2015

Snowflake gets her own back!

Hello Woofers!

Daisy, Holly, Miss Snowflake, Miss May and Miss April back again!

It's been a fun day today. We have been keeping Old Two Legs on the run almost all day! First of all we woke him up at four thirty this morning 'cos we thought there was a fox sniffing around the caravan, only it wasn't, it was a cat and he legged it as soon as Holly and I started barking!

Mind you, OTL started to bark at us, so we couldn't really give the cat our full 'Woof Off' treatment!

 The Page 3 Girls were having fun, Miss May was kicking the Poo Pot around the cage and Miss April was throwing her stainless steel milk bowl from the top shelf in the cage, right to the bottom and managing to hit every shelf on the way down!

Talk about noisy!

This all means we were late in getting out walk 'cos OTL had to clear up all the ferret Poo Tray contents before we could go out!

That also means that Snowflake had to stay in her house while May and April went on the rampage around the office!

May decided to torment Snowflake who got all upset and did a poo where she never normally poos, on one of the shelves!

Snowflake was not a 'Happy Ferret'!

Down on the Beach Holly said she didn't feel like a run around on account of her 'Grumbly Tum', so she sat on the beach and 'Watched the Morning'!

Jus' Watching The Morning Go By!
Both of the ferrets spent their time sniffing in the grass and hunting slugs!

Because we were 'Late on Parade' we met up with Barney who we hadn't seen for ages, so while OTL was gassing away, we caught up on the news. It seems that Barney has been banned from taking his ball out with him on the morning walk 'cos he has been loosing too many! I mean, what a thing to do to a woofer, deprive him of his ball!

A Stroke is OK but I'd rather chase my ball!
 Back home we had a bowl of chicken waiting for us, so once again it was Nose Down and Tail Up until it had all gone, then off up to bed for a snooze.

Now, because of the Page 3 Girls making such a mess of their house, OTL had to let them go on a rampage around the house but that upset Snowflake who wanted to get out for a run as well!

So, OTL shut the office door and let Snowflake out for a small rampage in the office.

It took some time to get it all sorted but in the end it was nice and tidy and ready for the Girls.

Well, almost!

OTL put Snowflake back in her house before opening the office door to let the girls in but lucky for him, they were still down stairs hiding doggy biscuits behind the book case!

As OTL stood up in the office, he noticed something on the floor, just in front of the door where the ferrets come in, it was a soggy pile of poo and wee!

Snowflake had left her 'Calling Card'!

OTL said that was what is called an 'Insult'!

Luckily, OTL cleared it up before the Girls got back!

Miss Snowflake went off to sleep for a while but she woke up at eleven thirty and started to rattle the cage door, she wanted to get out for the midday walk! Now normally we have to wake her up but today she was up and ready for a run!

When we got down there she was straight into the grass, ferreting about hunting slugs and mouses!

I can do Cute as well!
 We spotted the plank of wood that has been resting next to the 'Half Boat', slowly drifting past and heading out to sea! It looks like the high tide has picked it up and given it a shove down stream, now, the next thing to go is the 'Half Boat' if it wakes up in time to catch the tide!

Bye Bye Plank!
 OTL said that he was considering fitting the Yellow Filter to his lens and switching over to Black & White for a while 'cos the sun has been shining through the clouds and giving some great sun beams and the clouds are beginning to break up into smaller clouds which make it good for a Yellow Filter!

Where is a Yellow Filter when you need it!
 Snowflake was all interested in what Holly and I were sniffing even though they were 'Doggy Sniffs'. She said that Doggy Sniffs were rather strong and he nose was tuned to smaller sniffs like the wee of a vole!

She also said that the Kestrel bird can see the ultraviolet reflection of vole wee and uses that to locate where they are!

Gawd! Wee that glows in the sun shine, whatever next?
Snowflake has been awake for most of the day today, banging on her cage door to be let out and generally behaving 'Un Ferret Like' according to OTL. She has been cuddly, then she wants to explore everywhere and then she sneaks off to bed for ten minutes or so before waking up again and rattling the cage door again!

She has eaten her ferret food plus her normal 'Treats', so there is nothing strange there but it's this need to go on the 'Rampage'!

Maybe it has something to do with the time of year and she want to make the most of the daylight and the lights in the office keep her awake!

Mind you, the other two have been snoring for England!

Let's see what tomorrow brings!

Bye bye for now!


Daisy, Holly, Miss Snowflake, Miss May and Miss April.