Wednesday, 9 January 2013

It's All Go Today for OTL!

Hello Woofers!

Daisy & Holly & Snowflake here again!

What a day, first of all we were out early with Old Two Legs down to The Sea Wall. On our way down to the Sea Wall it started to rain, that misty sort of rain that creeps up on you and soaks your tail if your not careful!

The tide was in when we got down there so OTL had to be careful how he threw the ball or it would end up in the sea that would be the last we see of it!

Aw, Go one then, toss the ball!
Holly even joined in the game of chase 'cos OTL had to toss it a short distance so that means Holly doesn't have to run too much to get the ball!

I got a bit fed up 'cos when Holly got the ball she dropped it off the Sea Wall!

Well, if you won't get it then OTL will have to get it!
 We came across a fisherman and Holly said we can sneak up on him and surprise him with a big Woof!
Let's sneak up and woof!
 Holly sneezed and he turned around!

Curses, he's seen us!
 Holly had a sniff around the box but couldn't sniff any sandwiches and she didn't fancy the coffee either!
No Food here!
 Back home OTL had to cut all the branches off the tree that's digging holes in the roofing felt, First of all he had the ladder the wrong way around and it slipped down bruising his shins! Then he climbed onto the roof, sat there and trimmed the tree, trouble was the roof was wet and he got a very wet backside!

It was just after he had finished the tree when the Ferret Tower arrived! Well, poor OTL spent all afternoon building Snowflakes house, it's enormous!

Snowflake was sitting on top of the freezer giving OTL instructions whilst having fun playing in the cardboard boxes!

Look! I'm swimming on my back!
 Then Snowflake started to have a close look at OTL's pictures and she started to point out the ones she would like to be hung in her new home!

Can you get this one in the lounge?
 It was exhausting work giving instruction and so Snowflake had to have a rest with my squeaky toy which she thinks is a rabbit or rat and she loves fighting it!

Let me know when you get the next wall up!
 It was late this afternoon by the time Snowy Heights was finished, well it needs some adjustments 'cos Snowflake is not too sure how to get from one floor to the other, even if OTL shoves her up the tubes!

Well, sort of finished but it need some adjustments!
 I must admit, it is HUGE, I reckon Snowflake could live on the top floor and Holly and me could take over the bottom floors!

The hammock swinging from the ceiling has been tested by Snowflake but she is not too sure if it is really her!

So much to explore and sort out!
 So, for now, she is living on the middle floor with her food and water and poo pot and we will have to wait until she decides on where she wants the furniture!

We have put the bedding from the carry cage, in the shower, into the middle floor as well so she feels comfortable and at the moment she is fast asleep on her back, snoring, just like OTL does!

Turn the light out!
 So, that's where we are at the moment, more adjustments tomorrow and then we will see what needs to be moved!

Bye bye for now, see you tomorrow!


Daisy & Holly & Snowflake