Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Hunting Cats and other Things!

Hi Woofers!

Daisy & Holly back again!

When we go for our walks with Old Two Legs, there is a 'Standard' procedure we go through when leaving the house.

First of all OTL makes us sit down while he puts the lead on us, as he says, it is not as though he doesn't trust us to go straight to the car, it's just that he doesn't trust us!

We sit down and start to get excited, Holly is doing her 'Come On' woof and I am having a little whine and trying to push in front of everyone!

OTL, having got in front, opens the door and us doggies fly out!

Our little paws hardly touching the ground, we dash into the bottom of a big conifer tree in the front garden. Now, we know that the local cats hide under the tree when it rains or is getting cold.

Holly and I go crashing into the tree, woofing and howling like Banshee's on the hunt!

The cats try to scatter in all directions, bumping into the tree, the branches, each other and the brick wall separating our garden from next door!

There is howling from the cats, woofing from us, 'ouching' from the cats, snarling from us, yowling from the cats and thuds from the wall!

You would have thought by now they would have learned the lesson of 'Don't hang about in our Tree!'

Cats must be really stupid!

The morning walk was OK, not a lot happening, Holly found a bit of 'Decking' from an old sailing ship and said that we could build a boat and sail the seas looking for Cat-amarans, instead of looking up trees for the cats!

We can build a boat!
OTL thought that joke was terrible but it didn't stop him from laughing!

We saw a Wheatear flying along the Sea Wall and landing on the railings!

We also saw the Kestrel hanging on the wind looking for voles and mouses with a death wish!

Here Mousy Mousy!

Our afternoon run was great, we went down to The Forest again and OTL was looking for Jays but they didn't come close enough to get a good photo.

A passing Green Woodpecker stopped for a moment to see what we were doing, but he didn't stay long 'cos he was busy looking for dinner!

Can't stop, dinner is calling!
I found some more Bluebells but Holly said we should not tell OTL or he will be hanging around for ages trying to take a picture!

Better not tell OTL!
We shouldn't have bothered, he was trying to stalk a couple of Jays that were flying  around the trees, first OTL went left and then he went right and then he sat down to wait, so, we still had to wait for him!

Waiting for OTL, Again!
While we were sitting there, waiting, Holly whispered, 'Look Up!' I did, and there, sitting on a branch was a young squirrel nibbling a nut!

Nuts to You!
Hey, says Holly, come down and let us share a nibble of your nut!

The squirrel didn't think that a good idea, instead all she did was to carry on nibbling and say 'Nuts!' to us!

Holly said that she would climb up and unscrew the squirrels tail if she didn't show some 'Respect' to us.

To which, the squirrel blew a big, long, loud, wet, raspberry at us and tossed a nut shell down at Holly, saying 'Nibble on That Then!'

Raspberries to you!
Well, now we have her picture we will be able to recognise her if ever we catch her on the ground!

Back home for a snooze before dinner then a warm cuddle with OTL while we mug him for a nibble of his shortbread!

Bye bye for now, see you tomorrow.


Daisy & Holly