Monday, 20 February 2012

Monday Fun Day!

Yo Ho Woofers!

Daisy & Holly back again.

We have been good girls today, only woke Old Two Legs up at five this morning. We didn't want anything other than to say 'Good Morning' and give him a lick and a cuddle!

Our run along the Sea Wall was quick 'cos he had telephoned the Two Legs Vet to get an appointment to see about his ear and was given the one hour slot! So, a quick run along the wall and back in time, just!

He was in such a rush to get back that he didn't even take his camera!

Back he came with some pills to take and something to squirt into his ear.You know he didn't even get an injection! Which we thought that was a bit much, I mean, every time he takes us we end up with a needle stuck into us!

Maybe the pills he got were Worming Tablets, they sure are big enough!

Just before lunch time a man came banging on the door so OTL had to go out and fix his radio which was a bit of a cheek, well, we were just about to go out for our lunch time stroll!

It didn't take OTL long and soon we were down on the Sea Wall checking out the sniffs and looking for rabbits.

A Rabbits Been Here!

Holly went onto the beach and found another bunch of old egg sacks to throw up in the air, she is getting a right show off with them!

Just Like That!

Just for a change, we had a race along the sea front and onto the beach, then we dug a quick hole and ran off again!

Catch me if you Can!
 We went all the way along the beach up to the place where the water comes out of the power station. Holly got up on top of the wall and was posing for OTL. She wiggled her tail and asked ' Does my Tail Look Big From There?'  Before OTL could say anything I called out that it was not her tail that looked big, it was her Butt!
Does my tail look big from there?

...........and that's when the fight started, again!

Having a rest between rounds!
Well, in the end we got back home and OTL told us both off for fighting but we didn't take much notice 'cos we can both run faster than him!

Tonight we have freshly cooked chicken for dinner and also we have been given a Roasted Pigs Ear!

Now they taste absolutely super even if they look terrible! Holly and I both love them and we get in our beds and chew away until they are gone. Of course, the first one top finish then goes into the other bed, just to see if she can help her sister out.

That normally end in 'Big Grumbles' as a warning to Woof Off!

See you tomorrow!


Daisy & Holly