Tuesday, 22 September 2015

TM gets her Mojo and we find a Wee'ing Rock!

Hello Woofers.

McDaisy, McHolly, Miss MacSnowflake, Miss MacApril and Miss MacMay here once more!

Well, today we have  had one of those lazy days. Mainly because both Holly and I have a Grumbly Tum, we reckon it was something Old Two Legs told us not to chew on the beach!

OTL says were on a 'Starvation Diet' until at least tomorrow, just to see what happens! No sausages, no mugging, no Doggy Scoff (Good!) not even a biscuit, this is all too much!

We have been down to the beach a few times, once with Miss MacSnowflake for her early morning walk. She had fun digging in the holes that the rabbits start over night. Dunno what they are looking for but it's fun sticking yer nose down the hole and kicking some sand out!

Then we accompanied Miss MacApril and Miss MacMay on a rampage along the beach where they enjoyed a 'Ferret' through the Marram Grass on the dunes at the top of the beach!

The Missus spent most of the day doing her 'Journal' that she started at 'Glenda's Master Class'. She has been busy slapping the glue and glitter all over the place and saying she has 'Got Her Mojo Back', whatever that is!

When she got up to make a cup of coffee, Holly jumped up for a look and she reckons she could do better!

Not bad, but I could do better!
Lunchtime we were out again and this time OTL brought a ball with him and Holly and I chased it all over the beach! There was a stiff wind blowing from the North which was blowing off the land, so the wind wasn't as cold as it could have been if it was coming off the sea!

We met up with a Two Legs who reckons that the Gulf Stream passes here and keeps everything warm, even in Winter!

Stuff the Gulf Stream, it's still too wet!
 Holly even tried the streams that were running down the beach and decided that even they were just Too Wet for her!

No, it's still wet!
 We spotted some Wormy Men digging on the beach and Holly reckons they just had to be keen to dig for worms on their holiday!

Wormy Mans Holiday!
 Mind you, Holly found a big rock that had some small barnacles on it and it made a Super Back Scratch!

Of course, OTL thought she was rolling in something smelly, as if! 

No, it's really not smelly, honest!
This evening the 'Fish & Chip Van' arrives, so we are going to be good little puppies and maybe we will get some muggings!

Holly has found a rock that she says is perfect for Bro Brambles Wee'ing Rock. OTL will have a look tomorrow morning when we go out for our walk.

So that's it for today, not the most busy but we still had some fun.

See you all tomorrow!


McDaisy, McHolly, Miss MacSnowflake, Miss MacApril and Miss MacMay