Saturday, 3 October 2015

Saturday fun!

Hi Woofers!

Daisy, Holly, Miss Snowflake, Miss April and Miss May again!

Every so often we get one of those Saturdays when all the jobs are done and everyone is in a restful state of mind and we all enjoy an hour or so having a snooze!

Well, today has been one of them.

We were up early 'cos The Missus was making such a noise getting all her stuff boxed and ready to take up the hall, so, Holly and me cuddled right up to Old Two Legs and helped him stop snoring!

Holly dug her claws into his ribs and I gave him a good licking on his nose!

That always sorts him out!

As normal, OTL went and breakfasted with the ferrets and caught up on the emails. We were expecting TM to go up the Village Hall at seven and then come back with the car at about seven thirty.

Not today!

Because she had sat down to watch a recording she had made on the TV, she was late!

So, up she comes, crashing in on the Ferret Breakfast and demanded we all get our tails in gear and take her up to the hall!

We wonder what her last servant died of, it certainly wasn't kindness!

So, earlier than normal, we were parking the car and heading off to the Sea Wall and the Beach.

There is a large amount of bushes on the way and today the leaves on one plant caught our eyes, the colour was super, so, OTL just had to take a couple of shots and this one we like best of all!

Autumn Fruits!
Mind you, a Weather Warning was in place in our part of the world, 'Thick Mist and Fog', well it wasn't really fog but it was misty!

Weather Warning?
We were getting near to our beach when crashing out of the mist came a big 'Yarroooooooooh! Yo! OTL!'

Then we were set upon by Barney No. 2, a highly excitable Doodle Dog!

This is the first time we had seen him off his lead and we were dead impressed he had managed to curb his lust for running off down the Sea Wall!

He ran around us, then went to OTL for a cuddle, then off he went again, running around us and sniffing and the he ran back to OTL for another cuddle!

That was one excited Woofer!

Then, just to show how much he had learnt, he ran over to OTL for a final cuddle and trotted off with his Two Legs, as good as gold!

Back home Holly and I headed for the bed while OTL got the chores done and the ferrets enjoyed a rampage around the house.

First Snowflake and afterwards, Miss May, had to be rescued from on top of the Towers 'cos having got up torment the other, they couldn't get back down again!

Today, because OTL had worked so hard yesterday, all the chores were done by ten thirty, so Holly and I decided to stay on the bed and enjoy catching up on our snoozing while OTL sat down with a cup of tea and watched some Time Team programs on the TV!

Pretty soon it was lunchtime and Holly and I came downstairs to eat our chicken and wake OTL up.

Time Team does that to him you know!

Pretty soon we were up and off for a walk. Just as we got loaded up in the car, TM and Zoe arrived back from the Village Hall, seems TM had forgotten to take a stencil!

We all said hello to Zoe and even the Page 3 Girls were on best behaviour!

No Nibbles!

We had a wander along the beach, May and April enjoyed a sniff along the Breakwater looking for monsters!

Will the Monsters be fierce?
May was ferreting under some sea weed when she reckons she could sniff that Big Slimy Thing but no matter where she looked or dug, she couldn't find it!

The Sniff is So Strong!
May found some sacks that had been filled with sand and left on the beach to sink in, so now only the very tops were showing. May thought it was a great place to stand under if the rain came.

Holly said it was OK for a ferret but too small for any self respecting Woofer!

Who said it was for Woofers?
We came off the beach and had a walk through the grass. Both ferrets love the grass 'cos of all the sniffs there are for both Ferrets and Woofers!

Well, it sniffs like Mouses to me!
The only trouble with running on the beach or in the grass, is, it make a ferrets legs tired and pretty soon Miss April had managed to get back into the bag for a little rest!

No, I'll just watch for a while!
 As we got closer to the car she got out and ran the last twenty five metres. It is always fun to watch when OTL calls them and they both come running to be picked up and put in the travel cage, just like Snowflake and Brambles used to do!

Mind you, OTL won't do that to Holly and I 'cos he says we are big enough to jump into the back of the car on our own!

Not sure what is for mugging tonight but we are sure OTL will get the Malt Whisky out, so that means Shortbread!

See you tomorrow!


Daisy, Holly, Miss Snowflake, Miss April and Miss May.