Saturday, 12 July 2014

We go to the Kent County Show!

Hi Woofers!

Us again, Daisy, Holly, Miss Snowflake and Mr Brambles!

What a 'Rush Around Day'!

First of all we got a message saying that Maisey wasn't able to make it today. Shame but no problem, there's always next time!

Old Two Legs said that we were off to do some deliveries and then the Kent County Show!

Both Ferrets said that they would pass on the visit if we didn't mind 'cos they did it last year and to be honest, it was just a bit boring!

No Thanks, I'll stay in here!
 When we were ready to leave, we dropped in to say Bye Bye but the ferrets were fast asleep dreaming of food and Ferretone!

Serious Snoozing Ferrets!
 Off we went and soon got the deliveries out of the way and then down the road to the Kent County Show Ground.

OTL is a member of the organising society so he gets waved through and ushered into the Members Car Park!

Are we Posh or wot!

We had a wander around and the first place we stopped was at the 'Country Pursuits' section where there were OTL spotted a Peregrine Falcon (Male) sitting on its perch. It started to flap around showing off its wings and talons. Holly just had to ask the question, just a little louder than she should have done and..........

......No! I don't taste like Chicken, do you?
Well, that told us!

There was a couple of deep looking pools where doggy's were being taught to jump off a ledge and go swimming to fetch a ball. OTL asked if I wanted a go but I said I didn't have my towel with me so, maybe next year!

Phew! Says Holly, that was close!

Next stop was the Ferret Racing that was being run by Roy and Chris from the Harrietsham Ferret Rescue, (that's where Mr Brambles came from).

We stuck our noses in and saw some super cute ten week old ferrets. OTL went all Gooey Eyed, so we had to drag him out or he would be making an appointment to visit and that would not go down well with The Missus!

A Three Ferret Doughnut Snooze!
 Next we were off to watch the horse jumping. When we got there it was the Junior Jumping and the look on their faces told you that they were really trying!

Serious Stuff this Jumping!
We were saying 'Hello' to loads of woofers we met. Some only as we passed by and others, like Scruff, who were bored out of their mind watching the world go by!

You know, I'd rather be chasing rabbits!
We stopped at one of the show rings and watched a load of Canadian Royal Mounted Police riding around on motorcycles looking for their horses!

Well, that's what Holly said they were!

A Horse, A Horse, My Kingdom for A Horse!
 More sniffs and Doggy Hello's and a super sniff came over the wind!

Hello mate, that sniff is coming from down there!
As OTL was wandering in that direction we didn't have to drag him there!

The stall was selling Venison Burgers and Wild Boar and Apple Sausages and we know OTL has brought from this stall in the past. So, we stood still while he looked at the menu and then we whispered, 'Go on, you are hungry!'

It worked!

OK, says OTL, what do you want?

'Wild Boar Sausages Please' we said together!

Lunch is served!
Then headed off to watch the horses again while we had our lunch. OTL had the Bambi Burger and we had one and a half sausages each!

Lunch is over!
We stopped at the Country Pursuits tent again and we made fun of the woofers stuck in the cages. Holly had a chat with most of them and they said it was OK really it was fun watching the Two Legs walking past!

Yeah, I like chasing the foxes where I live!
They got out every so often to chase a 'Pretend' rabbit up and down the show ring. It also gave them a chance for wee and stretch their legs!

Yeah, the show is on again in an hour!
Off we wandered again and were amazed to see this Two Legs walking down the path towards us puffing and blowing and banging a drum with his elbows and clashing cymbals with his knees and playing a Squeeze Box!

Strange or Wot!
OTL said he was fed up with us trying to walk faster than him and pulling on our collars, so we stopped off in a Doggy Stall and he brought us a super harness that wraps around our neck and shoulders. It's going to take a bit to get used to it but at least we won't be gasping for breath!

Do we look The Dogs, or Wot!
Before heading home, we stopped again at the Ferret Racing Stall and said good bye to Roy and Chris and one of the ferrets asked us to 'Say Hello' to Mr Brambles for them!

Say Hello to Brambles and we hope he is enjoying life!
Back home we just had time for a drink and we were off again to pick up TM from her 'Master Class' at the village hall.

Unfortunately we have got Doggy Scoff tonight, it's just not the same as Wild Boar and Apple Sausages!

See you tomorrow!


Daisy, Holly, Miss Snowflake and Mr Brambles.