Monday, 17 October 2016

A Day Out with Sis and OTL!

Hi Woofers!

Us lot again!

Daisy, Holly, Miss May, Miss Wendy and Freddy de Ferret!

Well, after yesterdays catching up on things we decided that today we would go out for a run to see the local sights, you know, rivers and sheep and hills!

It started off with Holly having a 'Grumbly Tum' which is not unusual when you consider where she sticks her nose! She hasn't really eaten anything over the last two days, which is most unlike Holly if you know what I mean!

This morning she was on the bed next to Old Two Legs who was getting tea and a biscuit as a treat.

Holly lifted her head and gave the sign to OTL that she could just nibble a little of the biscuit!

She nibbled to first bit then came back for a second and then finished off the biscuit and that meant that OTL had to ask for another one!

While OTL was begging for another biscuit Holly was chewing on the end of a Bonio Biscuit she had hidden under the pillow!

Holly Chops was on the mend!

Mind you, we all had to get 'Up Wind' of her when she went for a poo! Blimey, I don't know what she had been eating but I don't want any of it, Phew!

It was one of those where she had to get her butt washed before she was allowed into the caravan!

After getting The Ferrets all sorted and cleaned out OTL went for a run around the site for a ferret in the leaves the Camp Warden had been blowing into a pile. After the ferrets had their fun and games the leaves were all over the place again!

OTL, Holly and me set off for The Moors, leaving The Missus slapping glue and stuff all over the place!

Off we went looking for a place where we could be let off the lead and allowed to run over the moors.

Just down the road from the caravan site OTL spotted a patch of green, a river, and a car park!

He pulls off the road and into the car park which had an automated barrier thing with a notice saying 'Pay On Exit'!

We didn't pay too much attention to that 'cos we could see grass, river and DUCKS!

OTL set up the leads so we could run almost independently and we galloped about woofing at the ducks!

I did a super poo which OTL picked up in a poo bag!

We went around the green a couple of times so we could do our 'wee marking' and then headed for the car.

Once we were all in and ready to go we headed for the 'Exit Barrier'.

There was a big box thingy attached to a barrier and a notice saying 'All Day Parking £4'

Four Pound for twice around the green, two wee's and one poo, and they didn't even have a poo bid so OTL could dump the bag!

Now we have heard of 'Spending a Penny' but that is Four Hundred Wees Worth!

OTL says it is a 'Rip Off' and we agree!

Off we went further up the Wharfedale Valley which is OK if you are into photographing small water falls in the river. No big mountains or raging torrents of water jumping from high cliffs!

On the High Moors with the river down below!
 Looking the other way we could see for miles and miles into the distance!

That's a Funny Flat Topped Hill!
 The sky was blue with some clouds but where we stopped there were some really dark clouds looking for somewhere to drop all that water!

Holly says that the clouds were looking for us!
 OTL took a couple of shots and then started to drive off. I did my 'I Wanna Wee' noise that sounds like a small whine but OTL knows what I mean!

Once again he got the leads sorted so Holly and I can head off in different directions!

We bounded away across the grass tussocks dragging OTL behind. He seemed to be very worried about stepping into the freshly deposited sheep poo!

We didn't care!

So off we went and we were charging all over the place. We even spotted a couple of cairns which OTL says that are normally put on the highest point on a hill or mountain!

So that means we did a wee at the highest spot on The Moors!

We must be famous now we have done that!

We carried on driving and ended up going in a big circle until we got back to the caravan again!

OTL and TM are off to get another Chinese Takeaway and I have been told I must sit on a paper mat that soaks up any wee.

I don't think they fully trust me!

Plawn Clackers Yum Yum!

See you all tomorrow.


Daisy, Holly, Miss May, Miss Wendy and Freddy de Ferret.