Monday, 28 January 2013

Snowflake has been shifting furniture, again!

Hello Woofers!

Daisy, Holly & Snowflake here again!

This Snowflake is really making herself felt around this household. We started off helping her arrange all her furniture, get the Poo Trays in the correct corners, make sure the water bowls were in the right place, arrange her feeding stations just to her liking and then what?

She moves them all about, on her own and in the middle of the night!

Last night we could hear her crashing about as she shifted the Poo Tray, then she went downstairs and rolled her 'Tinkly Ball' about so it was in another corner, but, instead of just rolling it, what did she do? She kicked it so it bounced off the walls and Poo Tray and Feeding Bowl before it landed in the other corner!

Then she has the cheek to say she has had a hard night and can we keep the barking down a bit?

Well, that was the final straw, I walked off in a huff and when we went down on the beach I took it out on the patch of sand by digging a big hole and pretending it was Snowflakes new home!

If she comes down here I'll.............!
 We came across a fisherman who had caught nothing, so Holly asked if Ferret was a good bait!

Would you do any better with a noisy ferret?
The Fisherman said we were naughty puppy's for even suggesting it and he might just try dog before ferret!

 Back home Snowflake said that she was sorry about the noise but she was rather concerned 'cos she heard Old Two Legs booking her into the vets for Wednesday to be 'Done' and what was this 'Done' thing!

'Ooo' Holly and I said at the same time, you are going to have a sore tummy for a while! We had it done and Holly was OK but I was not a Happy Puppy for a week or two!

So we sat with her for a while and told her it was for the best 'cos it meant we could have fun instead of worrying about all that parent stuff!

Lunch time we asked if Snowflake was coming out again but she said it was too cold, wet and windy, so she would stay in her bed thank you very much!

Down on the beach we were playing 'Chase The Ball' and a couple of times it rolled onto the beach, so I let Holly go and get it 'cos it's the only time she gets to grab the ball!

Come on then, Throw it Up!
 Of course, she didn't and instead, gave it to OTL to throw again!

What's a Ferret and does it taste good?

We met up with a couple of the lads and had a chase around. I was telling them about Snowflake and her furniture arranging and being 'Done' on Wednesday. Wow! says Jasper, 'What does she taste like?'

Holly said that he wouldn't like it and anyway, we're not allowed a nibble 'cos she is 'Family'!

OTL has put some of those Ferret Tubes into Snowy Heights so Snowflake can have a game of Ferreting About.

She has gone up to her 'Day Bed' again but not stayed there, she only went up to have a look at what was going on!

From the top of Snowy Heights she can see the Blue Tit nesting box in the garden and had told us that a bird is going in and out of the box all day!

Holly says it's too early for nesting and Snowflake says the hole is too small for her to get in to have a look, so she will just have to look from the outside!

OTL is busy on the other computer doing something important so I'll go downstairs and see if I can get a carrot from The Missus!

See you tomorrow!


Daisy, Holly & Snowflake (Can I have a sofa in the corner?)