Wednesday, 4 March 2015

Working at installing The Fridge!

Hello Woofers!

Daisy, Holly, Miss Snowflake and Mr Brambles here!

It has been a super sunny day here in North Kent, a little chilly first thing this morning, so that means the ferrets just poked their noses over the top of the Ferret Bag, then went back to sleep again!

I think we'll stay here thank you!
When Old Two Legs emptied them out of the bag they just stood there for a couple of minutes wondering where they were!

I don't know, I haven't got the map!
It wasn't long before Mr Brambles headed up the beach and Miss Snowflake headed for the sea weed!

Holly and I said 'Hello' to The Lads, Max, Oscar and Bryn then headed back to the car.

Snowflake had miss judged the sea weed and landed with her tail in the water!

Brambles kept telling he just how muddy it was!

You really need to get that tail to the cleaners!
Back home we all got prepared for the new fridge to be delivered, OTL moved all the furniture around and put the bins out in the garden.

Holly and I headed off to the bedroom so we can watch out for the delivery truck and to woof at the men for not being earlier!

Now OTL did something he doesn't normally do, He Read The Instructions!

Well, not exactly read, more like look at the pictures!

When he was looking for the fridge on the Internet, he read the 'Comments'  left by other people who had purchased one in the past. One Two Legs said that the installer took nearly fifty minutes to install the fridge and they thought it was rather a long time to install a fridge!

OTL took four hours!

He had just started to install it when Holly and I suggested we have a walk first, just to help him relax before going to work on the installation.

Down on the beach the tide had just turned and was heading out again. I fancied a swim but OTL said I couldn't 'cos he hadn't brought our towel with him today!

Go on, just a paddle?
To help get over my disappointment, I dug a really deep hole and said that I could see a Yellow Filter at the bottom!

OTL didn't think that was funny!

Guess Wot I See?
While OTL wasn't looking, I ran down the beach to the waters edge and sort of slipped into the water, just a little bit, up to my tummy!

Honest, the water chased me up the beach!
OTL didn't believe me!

As we got near to the car park, Holly and I rushed off to the Rabbit Hunting Ground and had a great time!

OTL called us to follow him but we were having too much fun! Finally, Holly ran off to find OTL but I stayed behind and in the end OTL had to come and fetch me.

I was in trouble!

You can tell when I'm in trouble, OTL puts the lead on me and I'm not allows to go and investigate any sniffs on the way to the car!

I'm in trouble!
Back home we found Auntie Angela had arrived to play Gas & Glitter!

OTL went to work and four hours later, after loads of 'Sarky' comments from The Missus and Angela, he finally finished it, just in time for dinner!

See you tomorrow!


Daisy, Holly, Miss Snowflake and Mr Brambles.