Saturday, 7 December 2013

Mr Brambles Has His Eye on The Vet!

Hi Woofers!

Us again, Daisy, Holly, Snowflake and Mr Brambles.

We have had some fun today, it started first thing this morning at about half past one, Holly decided she wanted to go into the loo! Old Two Legs did his banging on the wall bit, half asleep as normal!

Of course, that means he didn't get up on time and over slept by thirty minutes!

Mr Brambles was awake when OTL started up the rowing machine! He looked bright eyed and bushy tailed!

Miss Snowflake stayed asleep and didn't wake up until OTL was ready to take us out for our morning stroll along the Sea Wall.

Mr Brambles was a bit put out that he didn't get his Lactose Milk nor was he getting his morning walk. So he showed off by kicking his food bowl over and shoving his water bowl around the cage, then he went back to bed!

Down on the beach we had a game of chase with Holly deciding which end we should start at!

Well, that end is down hill, a bit!
 Snowflake was sitting on the beach complaining that it was just too wet, too cold and too early! She wanted OTL to pick her up and carry her!

This all just too much!
 While we were waiting for Snowflake to warm up, Holly and I ran up and down the beach a couple of times then commenced to digging holes! It was great fun especially when we were both in the same hole digging like crazy!

This is a Hole lot of Fun!
Miss Snowflake got going but not very far 'cos as she was slowly walking along side the sea wall a woofer came along and gave her a scare by woofing at her! Well, that was it, down she went into 'Defensive Mode' and refused to move, even after the Bozo had gone!

There's a Bozo close, I just know it!
 After a while OTL crouched down and gave her a stroke, that was it, she just shot up to OTL, ran up onto his lap then crawled up his jacket and into his pocket!

She snuggled down and refused to come out! Every so often she would stick her nose out to see where she was and to make sure OTL didn't get lost!

This is Better!
 Just for fun, OTL went the long way around to give us a bit longer run, of course, Snowflake knew straight away that we had 'Deviated' from her normal path but she instructed OTL to 'Get a Move On' 'cos she was thirsty and wanted a drink!

Come on, pick those feet up!
Back home Mr Brambles was laughing when we told him about how Snowflake got a warm place to go for a walk!

Soon it was Mr B's turn to get into the carry cage and head off to the vets. He thought he was getting better and that the visit was 'Just a checkup', little did he know!

It started off with Mr B getting weighed and he has put on twenty grams since yesterday, so that was good news! To celebrate OTL got out the Ferretone and Mr Brambles was slurping away with great relish!

While he was slurping the vet crept up behind him and gave him the injection! Well, you know what happened next, Whizz, Bang, Wallop! Mr B was up in the air and spinning around to see who had just stabbed him!

There was the vet with the syringe in his hand and looking guilty! 'OK' says Mr B, 'I've got my eye on you'

That was the 'First Warning'

Mind you, he let the vet tickle his ear and feed him some more Ferretone!

Back home OTL got out into the garden, clearing up the leaves and trimming the bushes and he even found a Blackbirds Nest in one of the bushes that he didn't know was there!

The Missus is at her Master Class today so that means tons of stuff taken and only one card made!

Some things never change!

Mr B is off tomorrow for another injection but this time it is at one of the vets who are open on a Sunday, that will confuse him!

We are off to watch out for TM coming back so bye, bye for now!


Daisy, Holly, Snowflake and Mr Brambles