Tuesday, 31 January 2012

The Snow Fairy Passed This Way!

Hello Woofers!

Daisy & Holly here again.

We had a shock this morning, it was Snowing!

Well a sort of powdery snow that melted almost as quickly as it settled, but there was some piling up on the grass on our way to the Sea Wall!

We got down there and after our business we were trotting along in our warm coats checking out the sniffs, when all of a sudden there was a loud YAHOOOOO! and a streak of hair and teeth went flying past us at the speed of light, it was Barney!

YAHOOOO Girls........it's MEEEEE!
He was super fast today, we didn't even hear him coming, he went flying past us and tripped over his legs and went flying!

All he could say as he went tumbling was WHEEEEE and OOOPS!

He really is a bit of a daft dog, you'd think he was never let out of the house the way he carries on!

We heard his owner calling him and just as quickly as he arrived, he was off again up the hill!

Byeeee Girls!
We were exhausted just watching him run about. He could get up to some super fast speed if he put his mind to it!

Back home it was a snooze after breakfast and a cuddle with Holly in the day bed. When I woke up I rolled onto my back and called out for Old Two Legs to tickle my tummy, which he did 'cos he is a big softy!

Tickle my Tummy OTL!
After that it was a game of 'Chews', that is, first, I have a go at the Rawhide Chew, then Holly has a chew followed by another chew for me and then back to Holly!

It normally ends in a fight 'cos we can't always keep a check on who's turn it is with the chew!

This afternoon we were down the Riverside Park, a bit chilly but we met an old dog who told us where there were some secret sniffs that she had found.

Down there, on the left, just past the poo bin and behind the tree!
We promised not to tell anyone else and not to sniff too much and wear it out. It was a good sniff but I have sniffed better down on the Sea Wall, but I suppose there are too many dogs here, so the sniffs get worn out quickly!

We're having lambs hearts tonight, so Holly and I are sticking close to The Missus 'cos she is the one doing the cooking!

We hope the snow fairy comes tonight 'cos if she does, that means there will be loads of snow in the morning and Holly and I can go running through the snow and end up looking like big snowballs!

Bye bye for now.


Daisy & Holly