Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Holly & The Wormy Man & Sand Ploughing!

Hello Woofers!

It's us back again, Daisy & Holly.

We very nearly almost got a rabbit this morning, I went chasing after the gang of rabbits down by The Sea Wall and Holly was keeping up with me. I saw a rabbit to my left and one to my right, so picking on the one nearest, I swerved to my left and.................tripped over Holly!

Result was, Rabbits-1 Dogs-0

Next time we will get them!

Old Two Legs stopped and took some more pictures of the Spiky Leaf Sort of Thistle Type of Plant. It had got some new blooms and the one that had bloomed first was looking all ragged and ready to give up the ghost!

More Blooms on the Spiky Leaf Sort of Thistle Type of Plant!
Then Holly and I bumped into a youngster on the path and she wanted to play but got dragged away by her owner who wanted to get home!

Wanna Play?
We walked on a bit and came across a Wormy Man who was preparing to go out looking for worms.

Holly was cheeky and had a look in his bucket, then had a sniff, then asked if he had any sandwiches on him!

No Worms! Got any sandwiches?
We left him to search for the worms!

OTL spotted a Arion ater!

To everyone else it is called a Black Slug, the biggest slug in the British Isles. You know it can grow up to 20cm long!

That's almost snake size!

This one didn't look that long!

Look! an Arion ater
Then it stretched out to move forward, it was getting to be enormous!

It had a funny hole in the side of its body that OTL said was called a Pneumostome and was really the hole through which it breathed! Now, we have always done our breathing through our mouths, just like OTL, but now we have seen a beetle that breaths through its backside and a slug that breathes through a hole in its shoulder!

Big Black Slug taking a breath!
Holly said that it's not unusual really considering that there were times when I spoke through my tail! ..........................and that's when the fight started!

Back home to some chicken and biscuits and The Missus has saved the last of yesterdays Doggy Scoff so we can put it out for the Hedgehog tonight, just as a surprise present!

I'm sure it's because OTL wants to take some more photographs of the Mr Prickles!

This afternoon we went to The Sea Wall again but this time we went over to where the mountains of sand are!

It was great, running up and down the hills, finding big puddles to paddle in.

Holly found that if she ran down the hill and stuck her nose into the sand, she could dig a big long hole!

.........and this is how you Nose Plough!
We left OTL trying to photograph a Damsel Fly but he didn't have the best lens on his camera and on top of that, the Damsel Fly kept of flying away!

Damsel Fly
He did see one that was almost transparent, but again, as soon as he got near enough, it flew off!

Almost very nearly Transparent!
We got back to the beach and as the tide was right in, I went for a paddle to get rid of the sand stains off my legs. Holly decided that she was staying on the beach and so ended up going home to a wash and scrub to get all the sand stains off her!

I mean, just look at her, she looks as yellow as a Teddy Bear!

Teddy Bear Holly!

Back home to a snooze followed by some mugging of OTL at dinner time and we are settling down to watch out for Mr Prickles to arrive for his dinner!

See you tomorrow!


Daisy & Holly