Friday, 24 January 2014

Ferrets Friday Hunt and Mr Ratty Gone on Holiday!

Hi Woofers!

Daisy, Holly, Snowflake and Mr Brambles are here again!

It's been a bit of a mixed day today, it started with us heading down to the beach and we still have to walk through the puddles!

Still Quaggy!
 Mind you, the ferrets were OK, Old Two Legs lets Snowflake ride in his jacket pocket which is the best place to be! Mr Brambles rides along on OTL's arm and snuggles his nose into OTL's beard!

As the beard is not very long Mr Brambles has to keep moving from the beard to OTL's jacket hood trying to get out of the wind!

It's not long before we're on the beach and both ferrets are on the sand and chasing about. Well, Mr B is running about, sniffing the sea weed and he declares it ' Still Yucky'!

Yep! Still Yucky!
 We spot Miss Snowflake creeping up on OTL with the intention of getting back into his pocket again but OTL knows that it won't be long before she needs a wee and a poo and he wants to get home with clean, dry pockets, so she is 'On Her Own', as OTL would say!

Just another few feet before I get into his pocket!
 In the end she gives up and goes off to join Mr B who is digging more holes!

We spot an old garden chair that has been washed up on the beach and of course, the two ferrets want to investigate, just in case it has rabbits underneath!

After a thorough sniff, they decide it may just be good enough to have a snooze on, were it not for the sloping angle of the seat!

Maybe after the next tide?

I reckon you could get two dogs and two ferrets on here, but not at the same time!
 Today Mr Brambles had got 'The Pickle' in him and was planning an attack on Holly and me! Of course, we have been attacked too many times by that sneaky little ferret so while it may seem we don't see him, trust me, we know every time he puts his paw down!

Slowly, Slowly, Catch a Woofer!
 Miss S was having some fun on the Rock Wall and was pretending she was climbing one of OTL's Munro Mountains!

.......and now all I've got to do is get across the Arete!
 Getting close to where we parked the car, the ferrets spotted a patch where last night some rabbits had been digging holes, looking for whatever rabbits look for!

Mr Brambles got very interested and insisted on having a really good sniff! Miss Snowflake forgot to tell him about the pile of poo that had been deposited to the side of the hole!

I Sniff a Rabbit!
 Back home, we went into the garden and checked on the Rat Trap, still no Mr Ratty, it has been some time since OTL put it out and we haven't seen anything get caught in it. To add insult, we haven't even seen Mr Ratty again, although, Holly reckons she has caught a sniff but I think she has been sniffing too many bird poos!

So, OTL is going to put the trap into the shed and keep it safe in case we spot Mr Ratty again!

Lunchtime on the beach, Holly and I had a game of 'Chase The Stick' and I will admit, Holly won!

Crafty little puppy kept turning away from me every time I came alongside to make a grab for it, that girls getting too good!

Come here and let me grab it!
Auntie Sheila was in with The Missus today, both of them splashing the glue pot about and making a terrible mess!

Holly and I stayed up with OTL 'cos if we went down there we'd end up stuck to the ceiling!

Saturday tomorrow, loads of fun!

See you tomorrow!


Daisy, Holly, Snowflake and Mr Brambles.