Monday, 21 May 2012

Monday's Sunday!

Hello Woofers!

Daisy & Holly back with you again!

Yesterday we had the weather man talking about warm weather and sunshine for this week.

When we went out with Old Two Legs this morning it was decidedly chilly, windy and un-sunny!

We went looking for rabbits but they stayed inside their holes and refused to come out to play!

We saw a House Sparrow on the beach having a morning breakfast of sea weed, a sort of Sparrow Seaweed Sushi!

Seaweed Sushi

Holly and I were having a sniff on the grass path when this young Husky came bounding up to us. Now, you know I'm not the tallest puppy on the block and Holly is the same size, so, we tend to get a bit put out when we come up against a big dog we don't know.

I get really nervous and start to yelp and snap at them. I don''t really mean it, it's just I'm a little unsure of myself.

We had not met this Husky before, so, I got a bit worried.

Wanna Play?
He wanted to play.

I didn't.

He jumped up and scared me.

I yelped and ran behind OTL.

Then I woofed and snapped at him.

He jumped back so far he sat on his tail!

That sorted him out!

You don't mess with a Terrier!

This afternoon we went out with OTL down to The New Park, we haven't been there for ages, so there were loads of new sniffs and a few dogs we haven't met either!

First of all we went to see the Not Not Neddy's but they were down near the stables and pretended they couldn't hear us!

So we carried on and were joined by Sasha, a big excitable doggy who wanted to play chase. So, Holly and I had a game with her and I even let her chase me all the way down the field!

Catch me if you can!
We arrived at the swimming hole and we both jumped in for a paddle. It appears that Sasha is just a wary of the water as I am and only goes in as far as her tummy! OTL and Sasha's owner were throwing the ball for us and we were jumping in to fetch it. Then disaster struck, the wind caught the ball and blew it too far out so neither of us could get it, so we lost Sasha's ball!

Too Far For Me!!
That was it! We decided to carry on with our walk and see if there were any rabbits about!

Can you see us?
Trouble is, when we go rushing off to hunt rabbits OTL looses interest in us and wanders off and starts to wave his camera about. This time, when we came back, there he was, on his knees, photographing a dandelion that he said had just given birth.

We didn't think flowers did that sort of thing but he explained that the seeds had just blown off in the wind!

Dandelion giving birth!
Sometimes we think OTL is a bit strange!

Holly and I carried on running about and even managed a paddle in the Swimming Hole on the way back.

We had to be careful 'cos the was a big retriever having a swim as well and he kept loosing his ball!

Who Has Got My Ball?
 We ran off up the hill following OTL who was throwing our ball for Holly but Holly just hasn't got the 'Ball Thing' yet. You see, OTL throws it and Holly chases the ball, catches it then runs away and hides the ball!

Then she comes running back to OTL saying, 'OK Now it's your turn to find it!'

OK, It's Your Turn!
Sometimes I wonder about my sister!

Back home it's chicken tonight and a mug of OTL's dinner, not sure what he has got 'cos we can't smell anything cooking, we just hope it's not ham salad!

See you tomorrow!


Daisy & Holly