Thursday, 11 August 2011

Salen Show

Hello Woofers!

McDaisy & MacHolly here again.

Have a look at yesterdays blog, OTL has put some photos on it!

Sorry we didn't put anything up on the blog yesterday but we had really big problems.......every time we looked out of the window, it rained, then it rained some more. In fact the field we were in was mostly water with bits of grass floating on top!

As soon as we went out for a wee, we were up to our knees in the wet stuff!

So we spent most of the day snoozing and woofing at the camper vans going in and out.

Snoozing the rain away!
There was a strange monster messing about with our water barrel, so we gave it a seriously good woofing, but it turned out to be The Missus in a 'Basher'!

A Monster!

Enough to scare off any monsters!

Today was something else!

We had a good run this morning, doing a bit of rock climbing and running through the forest.

Rock Climbing.
 Although cloudy it did not rain, which was just as well 'cos we have been to the Salen Show!

Salen (pronounced Sarlen), is half way up the Isle of Mull, on the right hand side, next to the sea. Salen Show is an agricultural show which has cattle and sheep and horses on show and they have contests for which is the best. There is a fell running contest for the Two Legs but that only takes about fifteen minutes so it can't be very far to run. We said that OTL should enter but he didn't have any running shoes with him and had to decline!

TM said that we should enter the Doggy Contest but we didn't want to upset the locals by winning all the doggy prizes!

OTL took some pictures of the sheep and the cattle and Holly got told off for woofing at the Highland Cattle, we had to get up and stand at the back of the crowd, so we didn't see too much of that bit of the show! OTL said that one of the cattle was trying to give us the old 'Hairy Eyeball' but was not nearly as good at it as us!

The Highland Hairy Eyeball!
 When we got back to the caravan, the water had drained out of the field and we could drive across instead of 'sailing' across!

We had some chicken and biscuits and a snooze before going into Tobermory where Old Two Legs had discovered a shop where you could have a cup of chocolate and use their Wi-Fi to get onto the internet.

Tomorrow OTL has said that we can go to to beach if we are good girls and don't chase any more Highland Cattle, which is OK by us 'cos they smelt a bit poo'y anyway and some didn't even know how to blow their noses!

See you tomorrow!


McDaisy & MacHolly