Tuesday, 7 June 2011

Hard work on Mondays!

Hi Woofers,

D&H back again!

This morning we both jumped up early to give Old Two Legs an ear washing 'cos fe fancied going out early for a wee in the garden before settling down to an 'After get up Snooze'.

The Missus got up first and let us out, well the door was opened and we stuck our noses outside and got covered with rain drops!

That was it, back to bed, we weren't going out in that lot!

OTL got up later and elected to take us out for our walk across the fields, well, we got about fifty yards from the house and I decided I wasn't going another step, nor was Holly! OTL had to turn around and let us lead him to the football field!

When we got there, OTL let us off the lead and started to walk around the edge of the field, as usual, we stayed in the middle, had a wee, and watched him walk around the field. Maybe he thought he needed the exercise, we just wanted to go back home!

We crashed out until lunch time, when he took us out delivering and we ended up at the New Park.

Loads of sniffs, and for a change we stayed on the path where the horses go.

Sharing a sniff with Sis!
Holly found the Bird Hide and she pretended it was a fort and the Indians were about to attack, so she started to woof and throw pine cones out of the window!
Indians are coming!
We went on further down the horse path and found some prickly plants that look like they were going to grow into big plants, and, OTL says they looked pretty with the rain drops on them, so he took a picture with the phone camera, 'cos he forgot his other one, plonker!

Scratchy Plants!
We just sat there waiting for him, so, while he was taking pictures of the plants, he took one of us!

Holly said that there was lamb for dinner tonight so we rushed OTL back to the car and while I was jumping on the dashboard woofing at a big dog in the car park, I somehow managed to telephone home!

TM answered the phone and confirmed that it was lamb, so with our lamb and some beef that OLT and TM are having, we should be very full little puppies this evening!

See you tomorrow!


Daisy & Holly