Sunday, 16 September 2012

What happened to the sun?

Hi Woofers!

Daisy & Holly here again!

We were up early this morning, we heard a cat outside messing about in the bushes, so we crept up to the window and let out a BIG WOOF!

You know, we even managed to wake Old Two Legs up as well, but he went back to sleep!

Our morning run was good, we went all the way along to the Power Station and on the way I managed to jump into the mud a little bit.

It was Holly's fault, you see she just turned too quickly as I was chasing her and I sort of overshot, a little bit and got just a little bit muddy!

Look Muddy Paws!
Holly was having loads of fun on the beach bit, tearing up and down and digging holes as well!
Holly doing a Sprint!
I tried to muscle in on a sniff and we had a 'Pretend Fight' over possession of the sniff!

MY Sniff!
Then Holly started to show off good and proper, she ran down the beach and kept jumping into the air shouting out that she was 'Flying'!

I'm Flying!
It was then that we heard a terrible noise over the top of the banking, we hadn't heard this sound before, so we went to investigate.

What do you Reckon?
There were some strange looking cows in the field, they looked all odd looking and their horns were pointing in the wrong direction, sort of like the handles on a wheelbarrow!

Strange looking Cows!
OTL said they were Water Buffalo and you could make mozzarella cheese from their milk. OTL is a clever Two Legs, sometimes, 'cos we reckon these were Bulls!

Well we woofed a couple of times and left them alone!

We got to a bit that stuck out into the river and Holly said that as I was muddy already, I ought to take a running dive and land in the mud, just for fun!

Go on, you jump first!
I declined the offer!

Lunchtime the tide was in and everyone was out with their fishing rods. The first family we saw looked like they had loads of food, so I woofed and said 'Hello' to everyone while Holly checked out the food stock.

Any Food?
 All the food was gone! We must have been a bit late 'cos the next one we tried also didn't have anything either!

Got any Nibbles Mr?
 It just wasn't our day!

Never mind, we can always mug OTL tonight!

See you tomorrow!


Daisy & Holly