Sunday, 13 December 2015

A Sunny Day!

Hello Woofers!

Us again! Daisy, Holly, Miss May, Miss April, Fred & Wilma!

We didn't get our extra half an hour in bed this morning, The Missus was doing her race around the house on the jet powered carpet sweeper and woke everyone up!

Miss May got really upset and was kicking her poo pot around the cage in protest!

We were out earlier than we are normally during the week!

As we were heading towards the car park, Holly was telling the ferrets how warm and sunny it was outside and how they would enjoy skipping through the grass chasing mouses and rats and slugs!

That was a bit cruel 'cos when we got there it looked horrid!

No sun, No Mouses, No Rats and No Slugs!

When Old Two Legs took the photo it wouldn't have made any difference if he had a Yellow Filter on the lens, no definition in the sky at all!

Not even a Yellow Filter............................!
On top of all that, there was rain in the air and it was landing on us all! OTL had his dark glasses on that have wraparound lenses that keep out the wind and his hat was pulled right down over his ears!

We didn't hang about too long, it was a case of 'Get on with It and Get Home'!

Come on, the car is this way!
Mind you, Mike and Sue are of no help, there they are, swanning off for a Christmas Holiday basking in sunshine and talking to American Woofers and they don't even send some of the sunshine our way! Michael is going to be in deep poo when he gets back, no sun shine, strange woofers and snowmen!

We had some success this morning, OTL cleaned the cage of Fred and Wilma and when he got to the poo pots, they were all neat and tidy and all the poo was in the pots and just a little wee on the floor!

May and April's cage looked like a war zone!

More Velcro please, says OTL!

We are not sure if that is the answer, Holly says a six inch bolt screwing the pot to the cage floor would be the best idea but OTL reckons that they would just rip the floor up!

Nipper was keeping quiet, he had just finished eating his poo pot, and the cat litter that OTL puts in to keep the sniff down!

OTL has just got some Chobham Armoured Plating to use instead of the half inch metal bars in his cage, but Nipper says 'Bring It On, I'm Ready'.

Looks like we have some fun tonight!

Lunchtime the weather had improved, the rain had lessened, but not by much!

Fred and Wilma came out and had a run on the beach, well, in Fred's case it was more like a 'Waddle'!

When we got down there we saw loads of Fishermen trying to teach their worms to swim, we're not too sure on how successful they were but all of them looked cold, the fishermen, not the worms!

Wot the................?
 Holly said that they were all Wormy Men really trying to put the worms back again!

Worm Chuckers out for a few hours!
 Now, you all know how big Fred is? You see, ferrets, well male ferrets, build up their bulk before the breeding season arrives and it's then that they do the 'Impressing the Jills' bit and they also have fights with the other males for the position of 'Chief Chatter Up' so he gets first go at any Jill that is getting all Maternal!

Now Fred has sort of lost his bits that make him a prime candidate for 'Daddy of the Year' and although he does the 'Putting on Bulk' bit, he doesn't really get any further than that!

It leaves our Fred with a bit of a problem, you see he would normally loose some 'Bulk' by having a punch up or two, but there is no one to fight and if there was, he wouldn't bother any way!

That means, Freddy Boy really is a bit of a Porker!

In his cage, Fred is a lovely cuddly ferret that you can cuddle up to and feel all warm and safe. However, when he is out for a walk, poor old Freddy suffers!

Although his is better than he used to be, he still suffers from tiredness when he tries to jog along side of us.

In the end he just stops and calls OTL to pick him up for a carry!

I need a lift, my paws are wearing out!
Wilma is much fitter than Fred, she sometimes races us down the hill and of course we let her win 'cos although we can run faster than her, our legs are much longer you see, but she needs to feel good about running so we don't mind loosing to her!

Back home we climbed onto our cushions and enjoyed a super snooze while OTL was doing some 'Work' on the computer.

Not sure what is for dinner tonight but we have no chance of getting it, you know we are being starved!

Mind you, Holly has been sneaky, you see, May and April pinch some biscuits and hide then behind the bookcase, then, Fred and Wilma pinch them and hid them under the stairs, after which, Holly Dog finds the biscuits and eats them!

Bang goes the diet until the ferrets find another place to hide the biscuits!

See you all tomorrow!


Daisy, Holly, Miss May, Miss April, Fred & Wilma.