Thursday, 10 November 2011

We've been out Hunting Rabbits and Fungi Today!

Hello Woofers!

Daisy & Holly here.

We have been out with Old Two Legs today. The Missus went off to sit with Tom 'cos he's not feeling too well, an Autumn cold or maybe he's been eating some dodgy sweets or something.

First thing we were out with OTL running along the Sea Wall again, not very windy at all, in fact, there was no wind at all, just mist! The rabbits were still in bed and the birds were hiding in the bushes and they wouldn't come out to play either!

Flying After The Rabbits!

TM left a message on the telephone to say she had seen a big fungi type of toad stool by the side of the road and OTL had better get down there double quick time and take a picture before it disappeared!

Well, OTL is not one to ignore the commands of TM, so off we went and found the fungi she was talking about. We had to stay in the car 'cos there was too much traffic whizzing past, but OTL got this picture.

A Swimming Pool for Fairy's
It certainly was a big one, big enough for a Fairy Jacuzzi!

OTL then got the 'Bug' and off we went to RSPB Northwood Hill to search for 'Puff Balls', these are a sort of fungi that puffs our its spores when the rain drops hit it. OTL was going to take a picture when a drop of water hit the puff ball, even if the water came from an eye dropper he had!

Wot a cheat!

We looked all over the place but didn't find one that had grown up enough to have a 'puff' and the others were too old, all the 'puff' had gone!

We did get some pictures of other fungi, but nothing super colourful like OTL is looking for. You know, big yellow or blue or purple or even red with white spots!

The only ones he can find are sort of pasty looking!

Little Fungi
Then there were these.

Little Fungi but Pretty!
We also saw this one that was covered in water droplets, not the colour OTL wanted but it was unusual being covered in water. So, OTL, being OTL, just had to have a fiddle with it. I thought they say that 'A Photo never Lies', ha! Just have a look and see if you can work out where OTL has been 'Fiddling'

Sparkles on a Fungi.
 Yep, it is so obvious isn't, the grass is never that shade of green!

Last of all, there was this bunch of fungi hiding under a grove of trees trying to look like the leaves on the ground!

A fine Bunch of Fungi
OTL said they were a 'Fine Bunch of Fungi', can you have a 'Bunch' of fungi?

This evening OTL and TM are off to see an AmDram play, so Holly and Daisy have the run of the house!

We plan to have a game of 'Chase the Tail' then 'Lets Snooze on OTL's Pillow' followed by 'Hunt the Shortbread'!

Then we might have our own Amateur Dramatic Play 'The Puppies of The Baskervilles! Scary or wot!

Auntie Sheila has promised to come in to open the kitchen door, just in case we want a wee. It will be fun when she comes in, loads of licks and woofs just for her!

Then it's a case of standing 'On Guard' until OTL & TM get back, not too late we hope!

See you tomorrow!


Daisy & Holly