Saturday, 30 April 2011

Blean Woods and Stodmarsh and making a noise in a bird hide!

Yo Ho Woofers!

Daisy & holly here again with some more 'Adventures'!

Old Two Legs and us got thrown out of the house 'cos The Missus wanted to have the place to herself to watch 'The Wedding'!

We didn't mind, 'cos that just means we can go off for a long adventure with OTL.

First of all we went to a new place called Blean Woods, it was absolutely fabulous!

Running in Blean Wood
We were able to run off and hide from OTL then we would come crashing through the trees to make him jump!

We were chasing each other around trees and under the trunks of those trees that have fallen over!

Obstacle Course!
There was loads of space and OTL could photograph the Bluebells and the Wood Ants!

Don't ask me, I don't know why he wants photographs of Wood Ants, big fella's they were as well!

Pretty Bluebells.
Big Wood Ants!
We didn't hang about around the ants nest too long, they look like they could drag you into their nest and leave nothing but your collar!

When we got back tot he car, we had a drink and a snack and a little snoozett before we went onto Stodmarsh!

Lunch Break & a snoozett!

When we got to Stodmarsh, Holly pretended she was going to jump into the stream by the sluice gate, poor OTL got all worried and started jumping up and down and shouting No NO NOOO!

Shall I jump?
Of course, she didn't jump, but Holly does like to wind up OTL!

I went into the water, but only up to my knees, it was nice and cool on my legs and they dried off after a little run along the path.

A paddle for Daisy
OTL took us into a bird hide that was empty of people, so we ran around, woofed and jumped up onto the seats and generally had a rough and tumble without anyone looking down their noses and going shhhh!

Fun in the hide!
OTL took a picture of a butterfly, we think it is a Green Veined White, but we are not totally 100% sure, it could be several others 'cos we couldn't get our wing pattern and spots to match any other butterfly pictures we have, also the veins looked black instead of green. So, if anyone out there knows what it is for sure, please let us know!

Green Veined White?
 If you double click on the picture you can see the detail, the antennae look super, all sort of stripes all the way up.

We are off to bed early tonoght 'cos we are tired little puppies and OTL has promised to take us out tomorrow as well!

Bye bye for now, we've got to go Granny Sitting tonight.

It's a bit like baby sitting but the Granny snores a lot and makes rude noises, well TM certainly does!


Daisy & Holly

Friday, 29 April 2011

Another visit to The Farm

Hi Every One!

We're back again!

We've been told off by The Missus today for telling everyone that she goes baby sitting the grand children, seems like The Boys may not like being sat upon, or summat like that!

So, now we must refer TM visits to The Boys as 'Child Minding'!

Not that we care about being 'PC', we just object to an attempt by TM to censor this daily dose of fun.

It's a good job Old Two Legs stands up for us, that's why he gets a cuddle in the morning!

Our Hero!

He also takes us out for 'Adventures', like today, we went down to The Farm and had a super run around, we met a new dog while we were there.

Called 'Paddy', she's a cross between a poodle and a cocker spaniel, full of fun and all she wanted to do was to play 'chase'.

Hello Paddy!
She chased us all over the place, up the path and down across the fields. She was fast on the straight but not so good at turning. Holly got rolled a couple of times and Paddy caught me as well. You know, I even had to give Paddy a nip on the nose to get her to play gently.

That lasted for all of five seconds!

A Nip on the nose type pause!
We were glad when we went one way and Paddy and her owner went the other way, at least we could get back to sniffin, weein an' woofin!

We explored the woods and went looking for Foxes but only found their scent and that was a couple of days old!

Sniffin for a Fox
As we were going along the wooded path, we heard a knocking sound like someone was banging a stick on a tree trunk, OTL said it was a 'Great Spot' and Holly laughed and said that when she got a spot it may have hurt like that but it never sounded like that!

Listening for a Great Spot!
OTL thought that was funny and called her a 'Potty Puppy', the he explained that it was a woodpecker called a Great Spotted Woodpecker and it had a big red spot behind it's head and it looked great!

Holly said that she could understand why the bird was banging it head on a tree and she would be the same if she had a big spot on the back of her head!

We all looked for the bird but it was hidden in the leaves and behind the trees!

On Friday, we may go out to do some more bird watching 'cos TM wants to sit in front of the television, watching the 'Wedding'. She said she wanted no interruptions, woofing or making a mess with the carrots!

I suppose that means TM will be sitting there all on her own, all day, looking after herself.

Could that be called 'Granny Sitting'? Are we allowed to say that? Do we care?

Down with censorship, with a big Raspberry!!

Bye Bye for now, see you tomorrow,


Daisy & Holly

Thursday, 28 April 2011

We've been playing in the sand!

Hello All,

It's Daisy & Holly back again.

We've had another hard day helping Old Two Legs with his paper work, Holly was looking after the 'in' pile of papers!

Busy Doing Nothing!

You know how we like to get a bit 'mucky' sometimes and how Old Two Legs calls us 'Mucky Puppies'?

Well, we've done it again!

At midday, we got to go out with OTL for a walk and missed going with The Missus to baby sit The Boys.

We were having so much fun and stayed so long that TM went without us!

We got down to the Sea Defence wall and found that the tide was right out, in fact it was so far out that it had turned and was coming back 'cos it got lost!

On it's way out, the tide had left loads of muddy pools and sandy bits with smelly mud at the bottom.

Just the sort of thing we love to run on and investigate, so we did!

Mucky Puppies in the Making!

We also ran along the sea wall and jumped onto the beach to rummage around in the sea shells for pirate gold, but we didn't find any, just smelly sea weed and the odd plastic bottle!

We tried to get dry and brush the mud off but it did not seem to work!

Still Mucky Puppies!
In the end we gave up and were told that we had to have a bath or at least a good brush when we got home!

We found the bench where someone had left their lunch in a plastic bag the last time we came down here. I think they must have come back for it 'cos although we had a good sniff around the bench, there was no sign of lunch!

No sign of the Lunch Bag!

When TM comes back tonight she has promised us chicken for dinner!

Until then we've got to put up with this new chewy biscuit thing that's supposed to be good for our teeth and tums.

It tastes like balls of sawdust with some sort of flavour! Yuck! But when there's nothing else, what is a dog to do?

By the way, we got a good brushing when we dried off, and, as OTL was brushing us there were clouds of dust all around us!

It took three goes at brushing us and now we look OK and we still got the smell of the sea on us, that's Daisy, Holly And OTL!

I wonder if we should offer to give OTL a brush?

See you tomorrow.


Daisy & Holly

Wednesday, 27 April 2011

A walk in the New Park

Hello fellow Woofers!

D&H back again!

As you know, we were 'On Patrol' last night, being as it was our first night back since our Easter Break.

We both had a good sniff around to make sure no one had moved into the house while we were away.

All night we were both wide awake and looking for any Foxes or Greasy Badgers who tried to sneak into the house at night.

It was a hard night, several times we thought we heard a snuffling noise outside, so we woofed our special woof that got Old Two Legs out of bed and he let us investigate the garden for intruders, first at two in the morning, then three and finally at five in the morning.

OTL looked tired today.

We went out with OTL to do some deliveries and collect some stuff, then we went to the New Park!

Great fun it was, running all over the place.

First of all we stopped at the Not Not Neddies.

Hello Not Not Neddies!
As normal, they still were bad tempered, so we gave them a woof or two!

OTL tried photographing a flower, as soon as he settled down to take the picture, we rushed up to sniff and when we did that the flower exploded and all the seeds went away with the wind!

An exploding flower!
I found some clover and had a lay down, just to say that I was 'Rolling in Clover', OTL thought that was funny but Holly did not get the joke!

A Daisy in Clover!
 While I was in the clover young Charley stopped for a sniff and chase, we had met him before and he was so excited to see us again. I think he has a soft spot for Holly!

Hello Charley Lad, how's tricks?
We went past the cattle who were having a rest by the fence, just sort of watching the world go by and talking about the Kent County Show where they hope to be exhibited.

We went up to the fence and woofed at them!

One turned his head and in a rather bored voice said ' Do you think you are the first or the biggest pair of doggies to try to wake us'?


No response today!

So we did!

OTL has asked that we leave him alone tonight and if we find any strange noises while we are 'On Patrol', he has told us we should call The Missus and tell her all about it and she will sort it all out!

Now, TM in the middle of the night being told about a noise outside in the garden?

We think that is a little too scary for us!

Have a good night and we will see you all tomorrow!

Bye bye!


Daisy & Holly

Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Back home to our own garden!

Hello to you all,

Daisy & Holly back again and back home as well!

We went for a walk with OLT this morning and saw a very sad sight.

Along the side of a drain, we saw a swan sitting on a nest.

A drain in these parts is a sort of drainage ditch that is always full of water to drain off the farm land.

Anyway, the swan was sitting on a nest in which she had laid five eggs. OTL managed to count them when she got up to turn them over.

That was OK, the swan looked healthy and did not get upset when we passed. We had seen her last year, sitting on the same nest and she just looked at us passing, same as this year.

This year was different, beside the nest was her mate, but he was laying in the water with his head under the water, sadly he was dead. We don't know why he died, there was no sign that a fox had got him. Maybe it was old age and he just didn't wake up one morning.

We felt a little sad about it but OTL said that things like this happen all the time and it was just nature making adjustments to the number of swans.


I suppose it was like when grandma forgot to wake up and it was nature making some adjustments then.

On the bright side though, if the eggs all hatch out then there will be five young swans to take his place!

We went out this morning with Old Two Legs, deep into a forest with Bluebells all over the place, they looked really pretty. OTL was clicking away with his camera. It's an old 35mm camera, so that means we will not see the results for a week or so!

We were walking along a path and a female pheasant came strolling along the path towards us, well, Holly saw it first a raced down the path to say 'hello' but she must have made the pheasant jump 'cos it flew up in the air a disappeared into the woods very quickly!

Holly said it wasn't very 'pheasant' of it to fly away without saying 'Hello'!

I swear she is getting as bad as OTL with her jokes!

Packing the caravan up was fun, we sat in the car and watched OTL & TM pack everything away!

When we got home it was good to be back sniffing our own garden and checking everything out.

So, we're back on 'Guard Duty' tonight and OTL and The Missus can sleep sound knowing we are ready to bark our heads off at the slightest noise, just like good puppies that we are!

See you tomorrow,


Daisy & Holly

Monday, 25 April 2011

D&H Guarding

Hi All,

It's us back again, D&H Guarding!

We have been 'On Patrol' all night guarding against Badger and Foxes and 'Things that go Bump'

On Patrol!
 We woofed off a couple of sheep and a rabbit that came to close!

Standing Guard.
 Then we Stood Guard while The Missus and Old Two Legs had a shower and got dressed, 'cos you know those sneaky Foxes are likely to try to pinch your socks if you don't watch out for them!

OTL and Ian took us out today and OTL drove, which was OK 'cos there was no way OTL would change gear with my tail!

We went all around a woodland on the side of a mountain, well it seemed like a mountain on the way back up!

When we got to the top we were all exhausted and THIRSTY boy were we THIRSTY. We drank all our water and half of OTL's as well!

While we were going to next woods, Holly and me crashed out in the 'Day Bed' in the back of the car, we needed it!

I don't know what OTL can see in these woods and stuff but we get to sniff new smells and paddle in muddy ponds!

We've got to go home tomorrow, so I expect The Missus will be crashing around putting things away in cupboards so we can't find them, especially our Easter Chews that Karen & Ian bought us. (They are The Cat People)

OTL will have one more bash tonight to get a picture of the Barn Owl, if it doesn't show up tonight, Holly and me might go in the barn and chase it out!

See you all tomorrow when we get home!

Bye for now.


Daisy & Holly

Sunday, 24 April 2011

A day chasing the birdies!

Hello Woofers!

Daisy & Holly back again with another day full of fun!

We started out by visiting Blean Woods, it was OK but us doggies were not allowed into the RSPB controlled site, we were banned to a 'Dog Walking' route which was not bad really. We had fun searching for new sniffs!
Super Blean Sniffs
Holly had some fun climbing old tree trunks that had fallen over in the storms.

Top of the Log table again!
We were running around and did not see that hiding behind a tree was a big Labrador who had just found a wet and smelly pond.

We went tearing around the corner, bumped into him and got chased all the way back to Old Two Legs!

Who is chasing Who?
After that walk we went off in Ian's car, (he's the Cat Person), driving along was fun, we were laying on OTL's lap looking out of the window and he had to warn us that if we were not careful, Ian would be changing gear using our tails!

Our next stop was Stodmarsh! That's the place with loads of reed beds and ducks and stuff like that!

The sniffs were good and we were tired and hot, so we slept in the bird hide while OTL and Ian looked at birdies and fish!

Common Carp
Yes, there in the water was loads of common carp swimming about!

Holly wanted to know if they tasted like cod! That girl is just too worried about her tummy all the time!

We got back from there and fell asleep in the caravan while OTL went off to try to photograph the barn owl. Four hours later back he came, yep! Nothing! Poor OTL. Maybe the barn owl has gone away for Easter!

Tonight we are back 'on Patrol' again as The Missus thinks there is a Fox creeping around the place at night, we didn't tell her it was OTL searching for the indigestion tablets!

We hope your having as much fun as us and we'll be back tomorrow.

Bye bye.


Daisy & Holly

Saturday, 23 April 2011

Running on the sand and The Alamo!

Hi Folks!

Daisy & Holly here again.

Have we had some fun here today, we went around the field this morning and did our normal 'woof' to the sheep and lambs.

We've been on patrol last night looking out for the Foxes again, but this time we didn't hear anything, mainly because Old Two Legs was snoring, he had been on the whisky again and always snores after a whisky!

Mind you, he also snores without a whisky, so it's a lose, lose situation as far as snoring and OTL go!

We went down onto the beach and the sea was right out in the distance, so we had a little room to run!

And did we run!

We ran and we ran!
 Then, just as we thought we could not run any more.........

We ran some more!
It was super!

We saw a dog running up behind us so me and Holly got behind the wall and pretended we were at The Alamo and I was Daisy Crockett until Holly said that he died at The Alamo, so we just woofed at the doggy until he went away!
The Alamo!
All this running and woofing made us so hot, in fact it was so hot we decided to have a lay down in the stream to cool off!

Cooling Off!
What was better, we found a super sniff that OTL couldn't see, it was sort of spread around and under the sand but it still was worth a roll, so, I had a roll and OTL just thought I was rolling in sand, which I was, sort off!!

Rolling in something Smelly!
By the time we got back we were tired, hungry puppies, so if The Missus wants any Guarding or Patrolling done tonight, she can do it herself!

Bye bye all, and we will see you tomorrow!


Daisy & Holly

Friday, 22 April 2011

A day with The Missus

Hello Woofers!

We have been having a restful day with The Missus 'cos Old Two Legs went out on his own to a Birdy Site that does not allow dogs!

That is terrible! Just pictures of boring birds and no doggies!

Yellow Wagtail
Well, we sat outside the caravan and woofed at the sheep, then we got hot and went inside the caravan and woofed at the sheep. Then we went outside and woofed at TM to go for a walk and woof at the sheep!

A relaxing day!

When OTL came back, we went out for a walk and I found a feather, Holly wanted the feather, I said no, she said yes, so we had a 'discussion'!

Feather Fun!
On our way around the field, we woofed at the sheep again!

It was super watching the sun go down, no blazing sunset but pretty!

Sunset in Romney!
Tomorrow, OTL has promised that we can go out with him down to see the sea and run on the beach and chase sea gulls!

Can't wait for that!

Early night tonight just so we can wake them up early!

Bye bye for now, see you tomorrow!


Daisy & Holly

Thursday, 21 April 2011

Daisy's Diary from a field of sheep!

Hello All!

Daisy & Holly here in sunny Romney Marsh,in the middle of a field of sheep and lambs, or as Holly would say, Kebab on the Hoof!

A big woofing Happy Birthday to Fiona up in the wild and woolly North East of Scotland!

That's where you get real tasty carrots, so Holly says!

We got down here mid afternoon and it took some time to set everything up, including the satellite dish!

The Missus has got to have her comforts you know!

We've been out to say hello to the sheep and they told us to 'Baa Off', seems they remember us from last year!

Hello Mint Sauce!
Holly said that we should give them all names, like Kofti Kebab & Chips or Lamb Stew or Lamb Chop!

We will have plenty of time to talk to them some more, so we will let you know how we get on!

OTL has found out that there is a Barn Owl nesting in a building in the next field, we expect OTL to be sitting in his tent waiting for the bird to show it's face!

More news tomorrow.

Luv Daisy & Holly

Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Phew! What a Hot Day!

Hello Woofers!

Daisy & Holly here.

What a glorious day it has been, sunshine from the word go this morning!

We got up a bit late today 'cos we over slept after being 'On Patrol' last night.

There was some strange noises that needed investigating and we discovered that it was The Missus talking in her sleep, something about Copic Pens and Camel Hair Brushes!

We went out with Old Two Legs to pick up some radios down at the local docks, there were some huge ships in the harbour, all sort of rusty and a funny smell of sea salt and mud!

We went out for our lunch time walk along the Sea Defence Wall and found a bag with some ones lunch in it, OTL said we had to leave it in case they came back for it!
There were a couple of fishermen having a snooze, I suppose their worms learnt how to swim and they were waiting for them to come back!

Snoozing Fishermen!
Holly had a look for the worms but could not see them, so we left the Fishermen and wandered off.

A little later we met up with Doris, an old Dalmatian who was out for a stroll along the wall, we said 'hello' and had a chat about the smells we had found.

Hello Doris.
Her owner was a gentle lady who gave us a stroke and Holly got and extra long tickle behind the ear!

Holy gets a tickle!
When we got home we spent the afternoon either snoozing in OTL's office or sun bathing in the garden!

A seriously sunny day that we hope will keep on until the end of Easter!

We are off on holiday tomorrow morning after OTL has done his jobs, so we are getting excited about that already!

Be Bye for now and we will see you tomorrow!


Daisy & Holly

Tuesday, 19 April 2011

A day Baby Sitting with The Missus

Hello all!

We've been out with TM today baby sitting The Boys.

Just for a change instead of charging around the garden when we got there, we asked TM to take us down to The Lake.

It was great fun chasing around, saying hello to all the dogs we met, plus the ducks and geese.

Holly still wants to know if they taste like chicken!

All this running about made us both thirsty and hot, so, Holly said she was going in for a swim, but she only got as far as her tummy before she turned around and came out!

Thinking about it!

Decided against it!
She said that a paddle was as good as a swim on a warm sunny day like today!

We found an old log that The Boys climbed all over and Holly, being Holly, just had to climb as well. I'm sure that in a previous life she must have been a monkey!
Don't wobble the log Holly!
We got TM to take a picture of us with The Boys and Holly thinks that they got almost as much fur on their heads as we have!

Who clips your fur?
After a while they went into the playground where us doggies aren't allowed, so we crashed out in the shade of the fence.I think it was the first time we had stopped all day!

At last a rest!
It was good to get back home and see Old Two Legs, poor lad had been working so hard all day!
After dinner, we just crashed out, it has been a very tiring day and we are a couple of sleepy puppies so I think we may even have an early night, if OTL gets our beds out before sitting down to watch TV! 

Not long now before we are off for a few days break, going to see the sheep and lambs, just like last year!

There is a great long beach with loads of space to run about, Holly and me are getting excited about seeing it all again!

See you tomorrow!


Daisy & Holly

Monday, 18 April 2011

Easter is coming!

Hi everyone,

Daisy and Holly here again on a fine and sunny Sunday!

Old Two Legs, flushed with his success at washing the caravan yesterday decided that he would wash the cars today.

After yesterdays fun and games, he told The Missus that he was going down to B&Q to buy a new hose pipe 'cos the old one kept leaking and where he chopped off the end bits it was getting too short to reach our to the cars!

So, being a decisive sort of person, he told TM he was off to buy another one, forgetting it was Sunday and they didn't open until ten in the morning!

We set off at nine, got some fuel for the car then had at least a half hour to kill until the shop opened, so we went down The Woods!

It was great, all the leaves were growing on the branches and the birds were singing and Holly saw two large dogs jumping into a pond in the wood, chasing sticks their owners had thrown in. Holly being a friendly sort went to say 'Hello' but these doggies thought she was after their sticks and they woofed at her and chased her away!

OTL and I laughed at at her and she ran quickly back to us after getting woofed at!

Holly got a little way down the path then turned around and blew a big loud raspberry at the dogs, just to teach them a lesson!

The rest of the day was spent either sitting in the caravan watching OTL wash cars or having a chew on a carrot in the garden, well, the sun was out and what better way to spend a Sunday than resting in the garden and chewing on a carrot?

Tomorrow we are off to see The Boys, TM is doing some more baby sitting, so we will not see OTL all day and he will just have to get on with his work rather than take us for long walks!

Poor old OTL!

See you tomorrow and we will tell you what we got up to!

Bye bye for now,


Daisy & Holly

Sunday, 17 April 2011

Getting ready for Easter!

Yo Ho Woofers!

Daisy & Holly here with some more fun.

Today The Missus packed her card making stuff and went off to her local crop in the village hall for another day of gassing and little card making. You know she takes mountains of cardy type stuff and comes back with nothing except a drawing or two she has painted!

We didn't care, Old Two Legs and us washed the caravan, and got it all ready for the Easter Holiday we have booked. Well, OTL did all the washing and we played inside the caravan, having play fights and watching from the windows for dogs and cats or people we can woof at!

Watching OTL do the washing was fun, he has not washed the van since last year and it had got a bit grubby and there was some moss and dead leaves on the roof, so, there was OTL stretched across the roof trying to wash off all this stuff and the water was running all over the roof and down the sides of the caravan. OTL was up a ladder by the side of the caravan and the water was coming off the roof and down OTL's trousers and soaking him from the waist down!

Holly and me were laughing so hard we fell off the seat and onto the floor!

It took OTL most of the morning to get the caravan looking clean and when he finished at around two, we asked if we could have a walk down by the sea. Yeah, it was great going down to the beach again after being stuck inside the caravan all morning!

Mind you, OTL had to change out of all his wet clothes first!

Trotting on the beach.
Holly and I had great fun running along the beach getting our paws wet and sandy!

We met up with a family walking along The Wall and they had a young dog called Pete, who said hello and we had a little chase around with him!

Pete and family!
 On the way back OTL saw this Peacock Butterfly on the ground having a sun bathe! He got a couple of pictures before it flew away!

Peacock Butterfly.
For the little time I saw it, it looked very pretty with it's wings laid flat and it looked like it had four eyes.
A bit like OTL, he's got four eyes, but he's not as pretty as the butterfly!

We had chicken for dinner, it certainly made a welcome change from the Doggy Food!

Can't wait until we get a bite of the pig bones OTL bought, but I think he is keeping them for our Easter Holiday!

See you tomorrow!


Daisy & Holly