Wednesday, 6 January 2016

No Wind Today!

Hi Woofers!

Daisy, Holly, Miss May, Miss April, Fred & Wilma here!

It was funny this morning 'cos when we went out all the steam coming from the chimneys was going straight up into the sky. No wind, so all the sniffs were 'Local'!

Both ferrets were sniffing around the beach looking for Nargles and in the end decided that Holly was telling porkies about Nargles being under the sand, so the pair of them spent some time digging holes in the sand and calling out for the Nargles to 'Come on Out'! 

No Nargles here!
Old Two Legs was getting lost looking at the clouds and taking photo's of the tide coming in!

In coming tide!
We met up with Poppy out for her walk and heard that little Beau has got a dose of Kennel Cough!

We were kept well away 'cos we don't know if Poppy has caught any germs! OTL says it is not something we want to get and even he stood a bit further away and was cuddling the ferrets!

We hope Beau gets better soon and the horrid germs go away!

We had to take the Worming Tablets this morning. Now, normally both Holly and I keep spitting the nasty things out of our mouth but this time OTL got all sneaky.

First of all he wouldn't let us eat our chicken first. He offered me a lick of the Ferretone bottle, which I just love. Then he puts the tablet in the flip cap and soaks the tablet with Ferretone oil. In I go and after a few slurps both Ferretone and Worming Tablet had gone!

Holly was offered some Ferretone but turned her nose up, Yuk! Oh dear! How was OTL going to get this down her?

Sneaky OTL got a Chicken Strip out of the packet and broke it up into small pieces, then put the Worming Tablet in amongst the bits and gentle rubbed the Chicken Strip all over the tablet!

Do you see where he was going?

Well, it worked! Holly, being unfed today started on the chicken and mistook the tablet for a hard bit of chicken and woofed it down!

Sneaky OTL!

Down on the beach Fred was hunting for Nargles but found nothing he could claim to be a Nargle, Dog Poo but no Nargles!

Nothing but Sniff of Woofer here!
 Even under the sea weed all he found was little crawly things that are normally found under the sea weed!

Do these taste OK?
 In the end Freddy decided that he wouldn't try nibbling a Crawly Thing and instead he would leave them to the birds!

Then, for a bit of fun, he decided to do some digging, just in case there was any sign of a Nargle!

Wilma said that she was not going to do any digging but would rather sit in OTL's arms waiting for Freddy to finish!

I could build a Nargle Trap here!
 Freddy had been digging for a while before OTL suggested we carry on walking. As Freddy had warmed up, he managed to walk and waddle almost all the way back to the car! He was doing well today but after getting home he crashed out in his bed and hasn't woken since!

Holly says he will sleep well tonight!

OTL has got curry tonight, so that has put paid to us mugging but Holly is sort of getting into this slimming lark. You see, she was weighed and found to be 10.8 kilos which the vet said it was 'Too Much' for a woofer her size and Holly should loose two kilos!

Yesterday when we got weighed, Holly was 9.8 kilos! A whole kilo she has lost!

All that is down to 'No Nibbles' 'No Mugging' and 'Carrot Treats'!

So, now Holly can jump into the back of the car instead of waiting for OTL to lift her up!

I can see her getting a bit faster when we have a game of 'Chase'!

Maybe I should loose a couple of grammes myself!

See you tomorrow!


Daisy, Holly, Miss May, Miss April, Fred & Wilma.