Thursday, 1 September 2011

Night Time Japes!

Hello Woofers!

Daisy and Holly back again.

Did we have some fun last night! After a super meal and an 'after dinner snooze' we spent some time watching the TV, well about two minutes, then we fell asleep again!

It was difficult getting to sleep proper 'cos Old Two Legs was not here to tuck us in and tell us a good night story. The Missus is OK but it's not the same, she doesn't tell us a story!

We tried very hard to sleep but kept on waking up. So, Holly says, 'as we're awake, why not let's see who else is awake'!

So, off I went and scratched at the door, like I wanted a wee, TM woke up 'cos she is on 'auto pilot' regarding midnight wee's!

She opened the door and we were off!

First stop is Boss Man & Lady, Yahoo, up on the bed, lick lick, jump up and down, woof woof and off the bed and into The Boys bedrooms, up on the bed, lick lick, jump up and down, woof woof!

Oh boy was that fun, and all the time TM was chasing us!

We love it when she joins in the games!

She also told us it was three in the morning, so, what's the problem?

We were a little late getting up this morning, we just fancied an extra hour or so in bed!

Later we went out for a walk and we met up with a young pup called Sonny, he wasn't too sure of himself, so Holly put him in his place and told him to be a good puppy!

Talk about the pot calling the kettle black, she is the naughtiest I know!

OK, not too close now!
We were off to the lakes later and had some fun chasing the rabbits, although it was a bit of a struggle getting TM to let us off the lead!

Come on! We can see rabbits!
Holly said that rabbits are too fast for her, so she went to try out the sheep dog stuff on the ducks, but none of them would play with her, especially when she asked who tasted most like chicken.

No one put their wing up for that and they all stayed in the water!

Who tastes like chicken? Put your wing up!
It wasn't long before we headed for home, Holly and me made a plan of what we would do to OTL when we got in. I was to lick his ear and Holly was to nibble his nose!

It was good to see him again and tell him of our adventures and of course, cuddle up to him as he has a slurp of his Single Malt Whisky, just to celebrate our home coming!

Mind you, we did have a bit of his shortbread as well!

Ho Hum, an early night tonight just because we are back in our own bed tonight, it's much softer that the one we slept in last night!

Tomorrow's Friday, so we are expecting an 'Adventure' from OTL, maybe a car ride and a long walk, providing the rain stays away!

Bye bye for now.


Daisy & Holly