Sunday, 30 December 2012

Sunday Visitors!

Hi Woofers!

Daisy & Holly back again!

It has been a busy old Sunday today. First of all there was the clearing out of the Ferret Cage, also known as The Shower! You know, I've never known anyone to poo as much as Snowflake, I mean, if I did that much I'd be nothing but skin and bones in a week!

Today, Old Two Legs and Snowflake have been having some 'Bonding Time' together and she hasn't sunk her teeth into his hand at all!

She may have brushed his finger with her fangs but no pain or blood!

As a treat, OTL got some of our chicken breakfast and gave it to Snowflake, she started off chewing it but in the end dragged it into her bed and buried it under the towels for a nibble later.

OTL says that if she hasn't eaten it by tonight he will have to get rid of it.

Our morning walk was good, we met up with Michael & Sue and of course, Michael had his camera with him. As Holly said, 'Oh No! Not another camera nut OTL is bad enough'!

Another Camera Nut!
 Holly met up with her mate, Bella, who was kept on her lead 'cos she runs off and won't come back. As she says, 'All I want to do is run!'

I'd love a run!
Back home it was a brush and breakfast of Chicken and Biscuits, the same as Snowflake but she has her chicken raw. As she says, 'Give it to me all Raw and Wriggling!'

Raw and Wriggling

 I'm going to have to watch her if she gets close to me!

OTL let her out of her Shower Cage for a run around in the office, he had to keep his eyes open 'cos he was afraid she would run and hide amongst all his stuff under the desk. She was a good Girl and stayed in sight, most of the time, and stayed away from me!

A 'Safe Place' to explore!
Lunch time came and we went off for another run down on The Sea Wall, there were a few other dogs and as the tide was in, a few fishermen as well.

One lady had caught a couple of fish and Holly and I asked if we could have a sniff but she said that they were all wrapped up and she wasn't going to get them out for us..........spoil sport!

Got any fish Missus?
OTL was throwing the ball for us but as you know, he's not very good at throwing and soon the ball ended up in the sea. I went in as far as I dared but in the end it was too deep for me, so it was Bye Bye Ball!

Bye Bye Ball!
Back home OTL and Michael were playing about with OTL's big camera lens and Michael took this picture of a Collared Dove that was sitting on the roof next door.

Smile for the Camera!
Snowflake said that if we could get any of the birds into her cage she would show us a good trick, yeah right! How to pluck a Pigeon in one easy lesson?

And to look at her you'd think she was a big softy!

I'm Cuddly Really!
Right, OTL has been called for his dinner, so off we go to help him eat it!

See you tomorrow!


Daisy & Holly & Snowflake