Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Cromer Beach Babes

Hello to you all,

Daisy & Holly here from sunny Norfolk!

Well in fact, we've been to a place up the coast from Cromer today for a 'Run and a Roll in the Sand.'

When we first got down there, Old Two Legs had to pay a fortune to park the car, well he said it was a fortune and that he was surrounded by robbers, but he does exaggerate sometimes!

Then we walked down towards the beach. On the right there was golden sand stretching for miles and on the left there was a stony beach that also stretched for miles!

In the middle, between the two beaches, we saw a sign, a big sign that announced 'No Dogs on the Beach between 1st May and end of September' .

We were crest fallen, banned from the beach just 'cos we got four legs instead of two!

There were some people sitting on the sand on the beach to the right but there was no one on the beach to the left.

The Missus said that it was a shame but we couldn't go on the beach, OTL said he was dyslexic and we were going on the left hand beach!

So we did!

The Beach with no one on it!
It was great running along the sandy bits and the rocks were not too large so we didn't hurt our feet and of course we could run up and down the side of cliff 'cos it sloped and was all soft.

After about an hour of running up and down the sand hills and digging holes in the sand and chasing a ball we had found, we were feeling very hot and thirsty. Holly said she was going to have a slurp of the sea water. It didn't taste very nice but it was cold, so , I just collapsed into the water, it was wonderful.

Well after that I decided I would have a swim and told Holly I was a submarine with my periscope up and I was going to sink the Holly!

She said I looked daft and started to splash me by hitting the water with her paw saying she was a Not Not Neddies and that's how they would get rid of submarines, if they were on the sea!

Periscope Up!
 We were very tired by the time we had walked up and down the beach and we both slept all the way home, then we slept after we had our dinner and we plan to go to bed early 'cos we got to get up early to go to Bempton, a place in Yorkshire, so OTL can photograph Gannets (big sea birds that taste like chicken, according to Holly!)

By the way, I nearly forgot, this morning TM found a Toad in the awning and OTL scooped it into one of our drinking bowls so that TM could return it to the forest. TM said it was a shame to waste such a pretty toad, but if we found some more, we could have Toad in the Hole tonight!

A Toad in a Hole!
 She is getting worse, in fact she is getting as bad as Holly!

See you all tomorrow,


Daisy & Holly