Saturday, 5 February 2011

A Visit to Uncle Stuart

Hi Everyone!

It's Us again!

Today we have been out visiting and getting in trouble. ( It was Holly's fault really)

After getting up this morning it was all very exciting waiting for Old Two Legs to get ready and get us in the car then off to see Uncle Stuart, via, the Doggy Shop with the wonderful smells!

We had been out first thing with OTL for a run across the fields and Holly found this very old rat skin that had been on the path since before Christmas, well, she just had to have a roll on it 'cos she loved the smell.

I found some fox wee in a ditch and told Holly about that, so, we both just had to roll in that!

It was a Real Pong!

When we got back home it was a brush, breakfast, then off to the car.

The Missus said that there was a strong smell of 'DOG' in the car, well, what do you expect, we're dogs!

Then she got a sniff of Holly's back and declared it was her making the smell.

Then she sniffed me, that was it, I was the culprit!


TM said that we just had to stop at the Doggy Shop!

In we went all excited about the smells and we went straight to the shampoo section, and that was strange!

OTL & TM had a rummage around and came up with a tin can, OTL took the lid off and then squirted some cold smelly stuff from the can, all over our backs and sides!


TM said we smelt much better and almost like perfumed puppies. 

We still got another squirt when we got to Uncle Stuart's place, 'just to make sure' said TM!
TM, OTL and Stuart went out for a bit of lunch. While they were out Holly found a real 'Haggis', she began to nibble bits off it, like the label and a tuft of fur, but it didn't taste very nice so she left it in our day bed.

When Uncle Stuart came back we felt bad about it and had to tell him and say we were very sorry. 

Holly said she would never chase another Haggis, unless it was cooked and served with Shortbread and a glass of Malt Whisky!

Sorry Uncle Stuart!
 We were really sorry and felt terrible because he had brought us a rawhide chew each,  we are going to start on them tonight when TM & OTL have gone to bed!

TM is off to her mate Karen's to play at making cards tomorrow, (Karen is one of the 'cat people'). We are expecting to go out with OTL for a long run in the park. 

I hope he gets all his work done early in the morning, I think we will wake him extra early, just to make sure!

See you tomorrow!


Daisy & Holly