Sunday, 3 February 2013

Lazy Sunday and Snowflake gets Remission!

Hello Woofers!

Daisy, Holly & Snowflake here!

What a super lazy Sunday it's been. We were up at our normal time and then went back to bed for an 'After get up Snooze' while Old Two Legs had his shower.

Snowflake was up and looking to OTL to clear the floors and Poo Pans in Snowy Heights. While he did that, she wanted to get out for a run around the office, but OTL said it was too soon.

So she showed off again!

We went out for our morning run and noticed that it was a bit colder than yesterday and that was because of the wind blowing, (wind chill factor) but it didn't stop us from having a game of 'Chase the Ball' with OTL.

Throw The BALL!!
It's good fun when he has to go onto the beach to pick up the ball 'cos we couldn't see where it landed, then he comes up to The Wall and I shout for him to throw it, and he pretends to, but hangs onto it, so I shout some more and so we go on until he throws it!

Now we don't to the 'fetch the ball and drop it at his feet' like those Bozo Labradors and Staffies we meet, oh no, we run off and hide it in the grass and he has to find it!

What did we meet today?

It was Buddy, now Buddy is one of those Bozo Labrador's who does the 'Fetch' thing but he has another trick.

He digs up the grass!

Dopey dog runs into the grass, puts the ball down and then rips up the grass looking for the ball!

His owner says it's because he likes gardening, Holly says it's because he is a Bozo!

Buddy says .........'I do it 'cos It's Fun!'

Wanna Throw My Ball?
Back home we had a brush and got some 'Anti Flea and Other Nasties' drops between our shoulders, it's a bit yucky to begin with but soon dries off!

We were up in OTL's office and Snowflake was getting stroppy again so, OTL decided to create an 'Adventure Run' that would not tax her too much, so, with the aid of some cardboard tubing he made up a trail that went all over the place, but gently!

Then he let her out and we scarpered!

She had a 'Ferret Around' and then explored the run, then came back and did her 'War Dance' which is her way of being excited and wanting to play with OTL by biting his hand! OTL's not that daft and he has one of our toys that he uses to let Snowflake grab and have a little Tug of War!

Then she had a run around and collected all her toys and stored them in her travelling cage so OTL couldn't get them!

OTL got on with some work and after a while noticed he couldn't hear Snowflake scrabbling about, so, very carefully he spun his chair around and saw that she was resting on top of his laptop case, looking tired.

With the aid of a drop of Ferretone she came out and onto his lap where she had a lick of the Ferretone and rolled over to wipe her whiskers on OTL's leg!

Snowflake was then put back into Snowy Heights where after a drink of water, crawled back into OTL's fleece and fell asleep!

Lunch time we were off again and for a change, OTL decided to take the Flash Unit for the camera so that he could play with a bit of 'Fill In Flash'.

'What ever turns you on' as they say!

I don't care about the Flash, Just Fro The Ball!
 Then I really got stroppy, well if it works for Snowflake then why not me?

 Of course, Holly, Little Miss Goody Four Paws, decide to pose instead of chasing the ball!

Do I look slim from this side?
While OTL was on the beach he spotted a small fish which he identified as a young Gurnard. It had been dead for some time 'cos it's eyes were clouded and the colour was fading. Still, we had never seen one before, so that was a first!

Back home again and we settled down to watching some Sunday Afternoon TV and we all fell asleep!

That tells you what the TV was like!

After dinner, OTL goes up stairs to give Snowflake her medicine and a little run around. Where he was playing about with the Ferretone, some had got onto his fingers, so guess who now has Ferret Tongue Scarred Fingers!

Still, it made a change from sinking her fangs into him!

Can I come out and Play?
She was let out for a little wander around and a cuddle with OTL or rather, he got a couple more drops of Ferretone on his fingers and she licked it all off!

Then she had a cuddle while licking the Ferretone off her whiskers!

This is the way to do it!
There we are, a fun and lazy day ending up with a cuddle with OTL for Holly, Snowflake and me, it can't get any better!

See you tomorrow!


Daisy, Holly &Snowflake