Thursday, 19 January 2012

Rainy Day in Fun Land!

Hi Woofers!

It's Super Stars Daisy & Holly here again!

We watched the BBC news and saw the report but they didn't use our 'Takes'. Holly was a bit put out and telephoned our agent to find out what had happened! We were told that the report was all about the dopey plan for the new Airport and how flocks of birds would make all the planes fall out of the sky and set off the explosives in the sunken ship in the estuary.

If they had shown us, then we would have taken over the report and it would have been 'Who are those sweet little Doggy's' and can we have an autograph please?

So, in this instance we let it go! Holly got an email from Spielberg saying he was researching a new epic that we could consider if we were not too busy!

Us Super Stars are always SO Busy!

It was pouring down this morning, Old Two Legs even had to put our coats on before going out!

That was OK and we had a run along the Sea Wall, with no cameras except the one OTL carries!

Holly was a bit of a misery guts, as she says, she doesn't do mornings and she doesn't do wet!

I Don't do Mornings and I Don't do Wet!
On top of that, the tide was in, so there were no birds to woof at and no Wormy Men getting stuck in the mud!

Not a Wormy Man in sight!
Holly was getting grumpy now, so, when she saw a couple of Magpies on the ground she sprinted across the grass woofing at them!

Woofin' Magpies!
 That was the only bit of exercise she got this morning!

Back home for chicken breakfast and then a snooze in OTL's office!

This afternoon was much better, first of all Holly was a bit brighter, a sleep and a chicken breakfast normally puts her in a good mood!

Second, the sun came out!

That was it, a quick lunch and then off with OTL to do the deliveries! After that, The Forest!

Straight out of the car and off searching for those Squirrels again!

This is where we start Sniffin for Squirrels!
Off we went, charging into the woods, sniffin and woofing and woofing and sniffin! OTL was creeping around trying to look like the 'Big White Hunter' looking for birds to photograph!

He found one Great Tit that would sit still long enough but would not let OTL get close enough!

Looking smart in Spring Colours!
It was good jumping in and out of the muddy bits and fun watching OTL slipping all over the place!

Holly was doing a good job of 'Squirrel Spotting' and I did the chasing bit!

Squirrel Spotting for Daisy!
 Every time we saw one, it ran up the tree trunk and being doggy's, we couldn't follow. So we just stood and watched the little critters scampering about!

They're up there somewhere!
Holly did suggest we did some rabbit hunting instead but no matter how hard we sniffed, all we could smell was Squirrels!

No Rabbits Here!
Well, that was it, back to Squirrel Hunting!

It was a really good time and Holly suggested we call the Forest 'Fun Land' 'cos we have so much fun here, OTL suggested we call it Muddy Land and I wanted to call it Squirrel Land.

No, we didn't start fighting, we were too tired for that!

On the way home we had a cuddle and a snooze on the front seat. This car doesn't have heated seats like the big car does, that's why we have to cuddle up to keep warm!

Two Tired Little Puppy's
I think it is an early night tonight, ready for some squirrel chasing tomorrow!

Bye bye for now!

Dinner is calling!


Daisy & Holly