Monday, 1 June 2015

I get a swim and Holly keeps dry and Brambles goes 'Old Skool'!

Hi Woofers!

It's us again, Daisy, Holly, Miss Snowflake and Mr Brambles.

It has been another of those 'Boring Days', that is when Old Two Legs gets all busy and looks serious while we get some snoozing done!

This morning we were out with the ferrets, as normal, except that OTL brought his camera with him but forgot to switch it off Black & White!

Mr Brambles reckons that it suits him down to the ground 'cos as he says, 'I'm and Old Fashion Ferret at Heart'!

An old Fashion Ferret having a Sniff!
Miss Snowflake wasn't going to be branded as Old Fashion, she let it be known that she was a 'Modern Miss'!

I'm a Modern Ferret who hunts Slimy Things!
Brambles, not to be out done said that an Old Fashion Ferret had loads of fun and was allowed to roll in as many sniffs as he wanted!

And he did!

I just Love a Good Sniff to Roll In!
Back home we let OTL get on with his 'Manufacturing' while Holly and I discussed Poo.

Don't laugh, Poo is a very interesting subject for us woofers! Now, the other day we heard that Hamish had a Grumbly Tum from sniffing Green Sheep Poo!

We stay away from Green Poo, one time Mr Brambles was unwell and managed to produce Green Poo that was almost Luminous!

And didn't it Pong!

Mind you, when you know that a ferret is from the same family as a Skunk, that gives you a warning!

Also, the ferrets have the ability to let go a real stinker if they feel threatened. We remember when Miss Twinkle came to live with us for a few days while OTL found her owner. Well, she was about a year old and a little scared of being in a new home and when OTL let her and Brambles and Snowflake out for a run around the office, she got all worried and let one go that almost brought tears to OTL's eyes!

Let's hope that Hamish gets rid of the Green Grumblies soon and is back to rolling in sniffs!

Back to today, and at lunch time the rain had stopped and the sunshine had come out.

Down on the beach the tide was right in and it was warm, so I sort of suggested to Holly that we might just have a little paddle in the sea, she on the other paw, said that she was going to keep her paws dry!

No, My Paws are staying Dry!
OTL wasn't looking at what we were doing, he was playing about with the camera and setting it up on the breakwater. I got in trouble for running in front of the lens and he made me sit behind him until he had finished!

I'm Behind Him!
We then headed along the Sea Wall and challenged OTL to a race but he said he didn't feel like running!

Lazy OTL!

Come On! Race Ya!
We ran ahead and Holly went up on the Sea Wall for a sniff while I went in for a bit of a 'Deep Paddle'!

Well, actually it was a swim and I took a stick out with me, just in case I got told off 'cos I could say I was rescuing a stick from drowning!

Look! I'm rescuing this Stick!
OTL said I was a 'Crafty Madam' but he threw the stick in a few times for me to fetch back.

See, it works every time, let's face it, I couldn't get any wetter!

Then it happened, we lost the stick!

No, You had it Last!
Back home OTL gave me a good rub down and I went off to have a well earned snooze!

OTL went back to 'Manufacturing' and Holly retired to the sofa to sleep 'cos she said she wasn't feeling too good, another Grumbly Tum?

Let's hope it's not the Green Grumblies!

See you tomorrow!


Daisy, Holly, Miss Snowflake and Mr 'Old Skool' Brambles!