Thursday, 6 December 2012

Snoozy Day

Hello Woofers!

It's us, Daisy & Holly, missing the Snow Fairy!

We got up good and early, just to see if the Snow Fairy has come back, but she hasn't and instead there was a load of frost on the cars and in the garden on the grass.

Brrrrr, Chilly!

Even down on the Sea Wall it was cold but we had a run around and got a bit warmer and our coats helped as well!

We could try running on the spot!

Old Two Legs was faffing around going Ooo! and Aaah! about the sun rise, we were just glad it was getting brighter!

OK, another sunrise!

It was just as well it was getting brighter 'cos as we were sniffin at a very interesting sniff, when a Wormy Man walked past and made us jump!

This is interesting.........Whoosatt?
Well, Holly gave him the old 'Come here and I'll sort you out' woof, but he just kept on walking towards the beach holding onto his bucket and garden fork!

You want sorting out!
Hi Ho, Hi Ho, it's off to dig we go!

Born to Dig!
We carried on and along the wall spotted a Curlew having a 'Wash and Brush Up' in one of the rock pools, so, of course, there was OTL clicking away and making a terrible noise with the camera!

Looking clean!
Holly thought she had spotted a rabbit and charged off towards the bushes but it was only a Blackbird scrabbling around in the leaf mould.

I saw it, I'm sure I saw it!
Just as Holly charged around the corner, who should be coming the other way, it was Bramble, a big long haired Labrador clutching a ball in her mouth.

Yo! Bramble!
We said hello and declined a game of chase 'cos we wanted to get home for our breakfast, Chicken & Biscuits, which is one of our favourite meals.

Holly was straight in and chomping away but I decided to leave it for an hour or two 'cos I have stuffed my face on Doggy Scoff during the night 'cos I got hungry!

Our lunch time walk was cold, I mean, looking at the temperature gauge on the  car dashboard, it showed -5 degrees, no change from this morning!

It is still chilly!
It was a quick run around and back to the car so we could get home in the warm and snuggle up in the day bed, until dinner time!

Come on OTL, HOME!
Holly came into the office and destroyed my bed, shoving all the blankets onto the floor, just so she could get the three day old carrot that I had hidden there!

OTL spotted her doing it and took the carrot away from her!

That'll teach her to destroy my bed!

We are off tomorrow to do some collections and deliveries, so we expect to be out most of the day, delivering and collecting and walking in The New Park!

See you tomorrow!


Daisy & Holly