Sunday, 20 May 2012

Sunday but Slowly!

Hi Woofers!

It's Daisy & Holly back with you again!

We had a really lazy morning, first we got up, had our morning wee, then went back to bed again for our 'After Wake Up Snooze'.

Then of course, we got to have our 'Slowly Wake Up Snooze' in the day bed and then while Old Two Legs is having a shower, we wander back to the bedroom and collapse onto the bed to have a 'Gentle Roll Around Snooze' and await OTL to wash behind his ears!

By the time OTL has got his coat on, we have woken up enough to stagger downstairs for our morning walk along The Sea Wall with OTL.

This morning we heard, and then saw, a White Throat dancing among the weeds, then the Sea Gulls flew over us. Holly and I went for a walk along the beach and I got to have a roll in something smelly!

OTL was not happy with us for doing that!

Holly was having her 'Morning Workout' by chasing Mr Rabbit and Mr Corvid and as normal, failing to get near enough!

Still Trying!
 On the way back home, OTL stopped by the side of the road and jumped out to take a picture of the Linseed flowers. We reckon he should get the correct lens and a tripod, but it's not too bad for a beginner!

Linseed and Rape
The afternoon walk was fun, we went to the Sea Wall near the docks. It's great for running and there are loads of sniffs there that we just don't get on the beach.

Good Running Space!
Both Holly and I got a good roll in some stuff that had a sniff of goose in it!

Rolling in a Sniff!
OTL called us both 'Smelly Nelly's' and threatened us with a bath when we got home!

I went into the water for a 'Deep Paddle' and got a bit smelly on top of the smelly I got from having a roll!

Fresh from a Deep Paddle!
I bet that in the winter time it will be deep mud everywhere down there, so I'm looking forward to that!

The Docks
We got a good look at The Docks on the way back and Holly said that the cranes look like Big Monsters waiting for a meal!

We said 'Hello' to Mr & Mrs Tufted Duck but they didn't say anything, they were too busy quacking to each other to hear us!

Mr & Mrs Tufted Duck
Back home we spent some time in the garden and I was laying on the pond side pretending it was full of water and the sun was shining!

Mind you, the weather man did say that we should be getting some good warm sunny days next week, so claws crossed, we might be able to catch up on our tans!

Bye bye for now, dinner calls!


Daisy & Holly