Thursday, 17 August 2017

How to be extra sneeky and get someone else into trouble!

Hi Woofers!

Daisy, Holly, Miss May, Miss Wendy, Freddy and Eric de Ferret here again!

Wot a super fun day it's been and we came out on top, as normal!

Let me tell you of our adventure!

It started this morning, there we were looking forward to a run on the beach but when we got there, it was raining!

We didn't feel too happy about that, I mean, I don't mind a swim but rain drops on my tail, no thanks!

You know, I've had better walks!
 A bit later on the sun came out, just in time as well. We had visitors!

Auntie Zoe and all the family, and then there was Auntie Jane and her family, which includes three nine month old Jack Russel/Poodle cross woofers!

We have in the past referred to them as Jack Doodles!

Normally we keep well away 'cos three can be a bit of a handful!

We decided to go down to the beach to stretch our legs before lunch.

They all look like tourists!
As soon as we were out of the car we walked over to the woofers and told them that although the tide was out, their Two Legs wouldn't mind if they went for a paddle in the Medway Mud!

.....and we got permission as well, I think!
 Well, that was it, loads of shouting about staying out of the mud but that didn't mean a thing! In they went and of course sunk in up to their tummy's in squidgy mud!

Of course Holly and I sat on the beach laughing our tails off, I mean, we haven't done that in years!

What was funny was that they had to go back in the mud to keep it wet 'cos every time they came out it started to dry and they couldn't run properly!

This is getting all stiff under my tail!
What was even funnier, they came tearing up the beach and tried to wipe the mud off on OTL's back!

'ere, let's have a rub on your back!
 They were covered in mud, it was everywhere, under their tails, under their tummy's and under their chins!

A right soggy doggy!
 Megan, Finley and Ethan were playing with a bubble machine and OTL managed to snap a picture of the lights on the bubbles!

It looks like fairies!
 Ethan found a small crab under the rocks and just had to show OTL.

A Nargle Crab!
 Louie got told he was heading for a bath when he got back home and rushed off to OTL to see if he could be excused but there was no way he was getting out of that!

If I have a good shake, would that count as a bath?
 Finley, Ethan and Megan took it in turns walking the woofers back to the car while Megan walked Oscar!
Look, it's almost dry now!
 They were still trying to get out of having a bath but there was no way they were getting out of a through wash!
A brush would get it all off!
Well, when we all got home they were plonked in the bath that OTL had got for us and given a really good wash from the tip of their tail to the top of their nose!

Then they got a rub down with our doggy towels which I must admit, made them look a lot better. Of course, they sniffed like a load of tarts!

I'll bet they remember today for a long time!

All three gave OTL a licky kiss on his nose as a 'Thank You' for being gentle and not getting soap in their eyes and ears!

We are now looking forward to a good snooze on the sofa this evening!

See you all tomorrow!


Daisy, Holly, Miss May, Miss Wendy, Freddy and Eric de Ferret.